Just like a novel or a story, every film sends a powerful message to the public. The message is often quite clear, although there are times when you need to brood upon the movie for a while in order to get it completely. However, as films include an incredible number of details, there is so much more to them than just the plot and message.

Namely, some theorists observe every single detail, trying to find secret and unusual connections. Sometimes, their theories can sound quite ridiculous and unconvincing, but there are a couple of theories out there that just sound completely insane yet quite plausible, and it’s almost impossible not to accept them.

8Obi-Wan Is a Clone

Obi-Wan Is a Clone

According to some theorists, Obi-Wan Kenobi is actually an artificial clone labeled ‘OB-1,’ which is what his name actually stands for. The very first film in the Star Wars series pictures Obi-Wan who presents himself as Ben Kenobi, not wanting to reveal his true name.

You might be wondering why someone would not change their last name as well if they were hiding, but in Obi-Wan’s case, it is the first name that matters. Namely, Ben was his “father,” i.e. the Jedi that was used the source for cloning Obi-Wan. In addition, the fact that old Obi-Wan is not able to recall some past events adds to the theory that he is a clone.

7The Real James Bond

The Real James Bond


Ever since the first film was released in 1962, six marvelous actors starred as James Bond, the famous secret agent 007. Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, David Niven, and Sean Connery all played the same character.

Normally, the secret agent’s appearance has altered over time. Five decades is a long period, which spurred some theorists to assume that ‘James Bond’ is simply a code name used to refer to a range of agents working for MI6, and not one man only. The fact that women and people of other races could play the role of 007 in upcoming movies also supports this theory.

6Peter Pan Is Not Who You Think He Is

Peter Pan Is Not Who You Think He Is

Some film theorists suggest that Peter Pan is not the mischievous boy who never grows up, but something much darker. He’s actually an angel of death who helps children pass to ‘Neverland,’ which actually represents the afterlife.

If you watched the cartoon, you know that the children never mature and that could be due to the fact that they have died. Peter Pan is believed to visit children on their deathbed and ensure they go to heaven. In the original, slightly gloomy fairytale, the Lost Boys get killed by Peter, which may serve as evidence for this theory.

5The Master Plan Behind Home Alone

The Master Plan Behind Home Alone

What if Kevin didn’t get left behind by accident? This theory states that it was Kevin’s uncle Frank who originally conspired all the obstacles that prevented Kevin from arriving at the airport on time. Moreover, he even hired Marv and Harry to burgle the house and kill little Kevin.

And if you think about it, the reason is clear: to obtain all of his brother’s possessions and wealth. Another theory goes even further, suggesting that Peter, Kevin’s father, works for Mafia, which could account for their wealth and violent behavior of some family members.

4What’s Inside the Pulp Fiction Briefcase?


The briefcase seen in Pulp Fiction has befuddled not only the fans but the entire audience, as no one managed to discover what’s hidden in it. However, some fans provided the answer“ the briefcase is just a representation of Marcellus Wallace’s soul which he exchanged for extreme prosperity and social status.

The one who purchased his soul was, normally, the Devil, the giveaways being the 666 code to open the briefcase, Wallace’s desperate intention to have it back and certain allusions to the Bible that Samuel L. Jackson mentions.

3The Shining as an Apology


Theorists who claim that there was no landing on the moon, but only a thoroughly arranged scene filmed in the studio by Stanley Kubrick suggest that his classic movie, The Shining, was made as an apology for counterfeiting the landing. The film contains a number of references, the most famous one being a sweater with Apollo 11 on it.

Furthermore, the gloomy winter allegedly stands for the Cold War; the room number, which was 217 in the novel is changed into 237, representing the distance between the Moon and Earth (237,000 miles). Also, the twins that appear in the film stand for the Gemini project made by NASA.

2The True Way to Watch The Big Lebowski


One of the numerous theories about the real meaning of The Big Lebowski suggests that it was a deck of Tarot cards that the Cohen brothers used as the basis for the film. Namely, the Dude is ‘The Fool,’ a witty character that some decks present as a jester walking off a tall cliff.

Walter is said to share some traits with the ‘Justice’ card whereas Donny is associated with ‘The Star’ with which his urn is later decorated. The majority of characters that appear in the film have a reference to a certain Tarot card, with Jesus and ‘The Moon’ being among the most interesting.



One viral theory suggests that all the movies by Pixar originate from the same world, i.e. that they are interrelated. It all started with The Witch from Brave who used her magic to give the animals human traits.

The animals and their special features were passed down to other animals due to interbreeding, which is the reason why all the animals can understand each other. As it was necessary to control their abilities, new technology was invented in Up by Charles Munz. The new technology caused the rise of the BNL Company which sent Wall-E to space.

The technology almost destroyed the Earth, and the species from Monsters, Inc. emerged, but they needed humans for energy. Boo finds out how to time travel using the doors and then returns to the past, where she becomes The Witch from Brave. This theory is supported by many easter eggs seen in all of the Pixar movies that are allegedly left by Boo.