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When it comes to unwinding, celebrities enjoy the same hobbies as we do. If you are a hobbyist fisher, you might be interested to find out that many stars also spend their spare time with a rod in their hands waiting for a big catch.

Studies have credited fishing with a long list of benefits, both physical and psychological. So, it comes as no surprise that the big A-listers also love the sport. To learn more about the celebrities who love spending their time angling, take a look at this list.

6Liam Neeson

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You probably know the Oscar-nominated Liam Neeson from movies such as Schindler’s List, Taken or Cold Pursuit. However, the Irish actor has revealed in interviews that, every year, he likes to take a 2-month break from his busy schedule to enjoy fly fishing.

He oftentimes goes fishing in July and August. He has said that he enjoys fishing because of the peace and quiet he gets when out on the water. In the fishing community, Neeson is well respected by many anglers who appreciate his commitment to the sport as well as his knowledge when it comes to fly fishing.

His love for fly fishing is widely known by his greatest fans. In an interview with Ryan Tubridy, the talk show host presented Neeson with a box of hand-made flies, much to the delight of the star.

5Hugh Jackman

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Another fishing aficionado is Hugh Jackman. The actor has shared with his fans numerous pictures featuring his proudest catches, oftentimes with the capture `Dinner`. Jackman never misses the chance to go fishing. There are numerous pics with him enjoying this past time activity whenever he takes breaks from filming the big blockbusters that he is known for.

4Chris Pratt

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Undoubtedly, Chris Pratt is one of those actors who rose to stardom in recent years. He is now one of the biggest names in Hollywood after starring in TV shows like Parks & Recreation and blockbusters such as Jurassic Park, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Pratt has managed to capture the hearts of Americans because of his good looks and down to earth personability.

There are numerous interviews in which the American actor talked about his love for fishing. His enjoyment of the sport is also visible in the numerous pictures he has posted online. What is more, it seems like the actor also likes to fish with his son, 7-year old Jack.

3Emma Watson

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Emma Watson will forever be remembered for playing Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. In her spare time, the actress likes to play tennis, hockey and to go fishing. Watson is, according to reports, keen on fly fishing. Her passion for cold water fishing was inspired by her father, Chris Watson, the real fisher of the family. For more information on fishing, check out

In March 2018, she even donated one of her Grey Wulffs to be auctioned in an attempt to raise money for the Wild Trout Trust, a conservation group based in the U.K.

Her love for fishing is well known by other celebrities. In an interview, she stated that Karl Lagerfeld, the famous designer gifted her a fishing rod for her 18th birthday.

2Blake Shelton

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It comes as no surprise that Blake Shelton, the famous country singer, also likes to spend his time with a rod in his hands. According to reports, he loves angling for bass, trout, carp and catfish. He learned the basics about fishing from his father, and he is now enjoying the hobby by himself, whenever he has the time. He recommends Lake Fort as the best place to go for bass fishing.

1Kevin Costner

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In recent interviews, Kevin Costner said that he considers fishing the most cathartic hobby out there. He loves the sport because it allows him to take his mind off the stress that comes with living a Hollywood lifestyle.

His passion for fishing started years ago, before he became a renowned Hollywood actor, as he used to work on commercial fishing boats. He also had his fair share of weird jobs as he worked as a truck driver and a Hollywood tour guide.

Now, he often takes his entire family on fishing trips as a way to spend quality time together. Costner lives in a 10-acre ranch that is overlooking the sea in Santa Barbara, near Los Angeles.