Making backlinks is not an easy task until and unless you get to know some easy ways through which you can easily get editorial backlinks:



In this 21st century the whole world is totally into news, resources to get new information, they find ways to be updated to move with the pace. And it’s necessary to know what is happening around the world? And why is that happening?

If you try to become the source of information to others especially, for journalists and magazines there are a high number of possibilities that you get in light, and noticed by author websites. Try to put information on your website related to what is happening currently in the world.

And that information should be verified by yourself because false statements can make your website look down and entrusted website. And don’t forget to use keywords like news; current affairs etc. So that search engine gives the first priority on the result page to your website.



Now you must be thinking, what is the connection of guest posting to get backlink? And how does it will help your website?

Now let me tell you an example if a sweet brand wants to get famous what he will do? He will sell his sweets to other shops and wholesale markets who can sell his sweets.

And if the sweets have a good taste then people will start liking that brand of sweet, and slowly steadily there will be other big shops and wholesale markets that will start buying the sweets of that brand to sell, so the growth keeps increasing.

The same case is with sites such as if you post your articles on others website, authors will start liking your post and will start backlinking with your website. So the growth of your website will no more be a dream, but the reality.



Do remember “ people don’t care about you, unless you are doing something for them” and this is the rule of life, there is nothing you can get free for without paying it some or other way, it can be money, knowledge or with your work.

Yes, you are getting the point, if you really want to have good progress you need to connect with an authority website but for that, you have to give resource to them back so that it helps their website to grow more with the help of your website.

Even if you are giving the information which is collected by you to others, then why not you make it worthy enough to make them feel that you are a profitable asset to them, not just a waste scrap which is not making any progress to your author’s website. You have to make sure that the information you are keeping on your website should be something which is useful for the people so that your website always be in the light.



I must be confusing you with the sub-topic “old is gold”. What is the connection of old in the backlink? And how it will help us to get the backlink?

I will tell you a pretty good example if the things get old or outdated at our home then what we do? Yes, exactly we replace with the new things, easy right! In the same way, there are many links which get outdated with time, the links in which people are no more interested as they are not useful to them. So how we can replace them?

So the first step is to inform the search engine like Google that the particular link is now outdated and no one is controlling it and give them a good option if your site link which is new and resourceful. And how it helped your website? The targeted link was already connected to an authority website, replacing link made you get a backlink with that website.



“Take care of your home before impressing the streets” don’t you think first you should look into your website internal issues properly before looking ideas for how to get a backlink from an authority website.

There are lots of technical issues related to a website include:

1. The loading speed of the site:

No one likes to wait in this fast era, especially when the internet is at speed of 4g but your website still takes time to load then people choose another website, rather than waiting for your site to open.

2. Mobile friendly:

The site should be mobile-friendly, means it should be made for both pc and mobile phone. So that if you open it on a desktop it fits well and similarly in the mobile phone too, so people don’t have to work hard to scroll down or side.

3. Copied content:

We all know copied content is not recommended by anyone because if you put a copied content no one will be interested in your site, making a bad impression on authors.

Like these, there are many more technical issues such as SEO friendly, matching META data, internal broken links, etc. So keep it as a first major step, to fix the technical issues if you want a backlink from an author website because they will check your website property before backlinking.