Our world today has greatly been impacted by a host of inventions that have continued to disrupt the way we do things. With continued innovation and inventions, learners have now taken a different approach to the learning process. With a mere click of a button, they can engage a research paper writer at to help them understand their assignments and complete them in a timely manner.

The education sector has come a long way, especially with the increased tech-solutions and resources that have mainly been the biggest inventions of the 21st century. Here are the six most impactful inventions that we have experienced in the 21st century:

1Smartphone Technology


Phones have been there before the start of the 21st century. However, smartphone technology has been tremendous in this age. Coupled with the advent of the Internet, smartphones have been a great invention for learners who can easily access information right from their phones. This connectivity and the user-friendliness of smartphones has been a great boost for students seeking information online.

2Social Media Platforms


Today, people can connect and reach out to networks that deem useful to them – thanks to the invention of social media platforms. These have been key to the existence of online communities where users like students can join groups of interest to help them in learning. With these platforms, it has been easy to connect with other students and take part in useful discussion groups.

3Educational Apps


The 21st century has seen an increased presence of applications for students to help them with learning. A lot of apps exist with various capabilities helping students do calculations, take notes, do assignments, and read as well. Educational applications can be downloaded and accessed right from an individual handset. Users can download apps of their own choice based on their educational needs.



Today, students don’t need to carry bulky books with them all the time. The digital technology of the 21st century has made it possible to have soft copies of the reading material that uses can easily move around and learn on the go.

Print materials like papers are rarely needed among students who have access to e-readers today. This transition to the use of electronic books has yielded tremendous results among students who can now access a lot of reading materials from a single gadget.

5Online Libraries


Libraries have been valued in learning circles for a long time. However, limitations of access and space have seen the growth of online libraries where members subscribe to enjoy its services. Learners can access books and other reading materials from the comfort of their rooms.

Online have been a great invention for learners who don’t have to travel to get to a physical library. These libraries have largely been adopted by many learning institutions around the globe.

6Computer Games


Games played on the computer are not meant for fun alone. These days, young learners can learn basic math skills, among others, as they play games from electronic gadgets. Students cognitive and troubleshooting skills are greatly enhanced as they find solutions that would help them move from one game level to the next. These ICT games exist to help children learn as they play.

Final Thoughts

Inventions in the 21st century have been impactful in the education sector. Conventional teaching methods are slowly getting replaced with these inventions. There have been a lot of impactful tools and resources that continue to boost learning efforts among students.

With their help, students can do their assignments, read, and prepare for their exams adequately. Thus, learning has become a lot easier and effective both for teachers and learners.