If you want to make people around you laugh and have a great time, just tell them a joke. We are not only about your family members or close group of friends but also about a large audience if you are performing in a stand-up comedy club.

You have probably done your research and are aware that you have to choose the material carefully, according to the people who are listening to you. In the following text, we are going to discuss numerous types of jokes, and hopefully help you choose the material for your next performance.



Traditional jokes have been around for a long time, as you can imagine. However, nowadays, they are not as popular as they used to be, but still, they are considered classics. They can look like a short story or a simple question and answer.

The trick is that the response is obvious which makes it funny. Furthermore, knock-knock jokes are also traditional, and you should pick the occasion to tell them because everyone has heard them millions of times.

You know how it goes – someone says “knock knock”, another person asks “who’s there”, and the first person answers. Similarly, we have to mention light bulb jokes that are based on stereotypes of certain groups of people. You can find numerous jokes on Znafu website.



Anecdotal jokes are based on your personal experience, you are telling a story about something that happened to you or someone you know. In order to deliver this story successfully, you have to think of yourself as a person in the anecdote.

Also, think about the setting of the story – is there a reference to something? Are audience members familiar with it? This is important because it determines whether or not they will understand the joke.



Furthermore, we have to mention Parodies. Although not all people like them, others adore them. Popular late-night show “Saturday Night Live” uses this type of jokes to make fun of current popular shows or people.

Weird Al Yankovic records parody songs, Alec Baldwin imitates Donald Trump, and so on. The most important thing is to ensure that your audience is familiar with the original story or event that you are trying to turn into a funny story. Otherwise, they are not going to understand the joke and clearly, therefore they are not going to laugh.



Another popular type of joke is One-liner. They usually consist of one line or sentence, which means that they are really short, so you must understand the meaning of each word in order to say it correctly.

Also, when delivering this type of joke, the tone and rhythm of your voice are important, as well as the pause. Since it is so short, you have to accent each word properly and make a pause before the punchline to cause suspense in the audience.



Lastly, have to mention Topical jokes. They are based on any type of current event and are usually controversial or too dark. These jokes are extremely popular in late-night shows, and almost all hosts use them because they know that they will have new material each week and will make people laugh.

This is another beauty of the Internet – we know what is going on in the world as soon as it happens.

All in all, these are five popular types of jokes you can choose from when planning your next show. The most important thing is to get familiar with your audience’s humor and to be relaxed and confident when performing, with a smile on your face.