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Being a world-famous celebrity and working on movie sets can sometimes take its toll on even the biggest stars. Over the years, many celebrities have been filmed or recorded in other ways during their meltdowns, and the things they said and did definitely shocked the public and their fans.

It’s terrible to see a celebrity going through a meltdown, but some of the ones in our list were so intense that they ruined the celebs’ reputation. Take a look at 5 strangest celebrity meltdowns.

5Alec Baldwin’s Scandals

Alec Baldwin's Scandals

Baldwin is a fantastic actor with a wide range of roles and appearances such as in Pearl Harbor, Beetlejuice, and The Departed, etc. However, his reputation hasn’t been the same since 2007. A recording of a voice message leaked to the press in which Baldwin called his young daughter a pig.

After that, he was caught in 2011 when he didn’t want to turn off his mobile phone on an airplane. When asked to leave the plane, he started shouting and swearing at the crew. After that, in 2013, the actor’s wife got criticized by a journalist because she was posting on Twitter during the funeral of James Gandolfini.

Baldwin was furious and made a very offensive post on Twitter and insulted the journalist with a lot of offensive language, which created quite a scandal and tarnished his image further.

4Wesley Snipes Shirt Freak-out

Wesley Snipes' Shirt Freak-out

This famous Blade star actually spent 3 years in prison from 2010 to 2013. Wesley Snipes was sentenced because of tax evasion, but quite a while before that, when he was on set for the third Blade movie, there was an incident with the director.

The director gave him a shirt that said “garbage” and Wesley thought this was a racist insult and he freaked out. He even wanted to choke the director. However, Snipes didn’t know that the shirt was actually one of his own. The two didn’t speak after that, and during filming, they used post-its to communicate.

3Shia LaBeouf Goes Crazy


LaBouf is a star who is very famous for his freak-outs and meltdowns, maybe even more than his acting career. In the beginning, he was a promising young actor, but he had a series of meltdowns that completely destroyed his credibility. In 2005, he started a fight with his neighbor after he drove into the neighbor’s car for parking in front of the garage.

He threatened the neighbor with a knife and then the two had a physical fight. In 2008, he was also in a car crash and was arrested for DUI. After that, in 2011, he had another incident and had a fight with a bartender. He was also arrested at some clubs for rude behavior, but in 2017, he was drunk in public and started to shout some racist insults at police officers.

2Christian Bale’s Terminator Madness


Christian Bale became well-known as a child actor when he appeared in a Spielberg movie. After that, he was very famous and even won an oscar. However, he had a legendary meltdown that was recorded and remembered through many memes and parodies.

During the filming of the fourth Terminator movie, Bale completely lost it when a crew member interrupted the scene twice. Bale lost his concentration and was furious. He started to spew insults and said even 39 swear words.

He threatened to leave the set if the crew member would interrupt the filming again. The recording was released into the public and shocked a lot of people, but some crew members supported his meltdown. After that, Bale apologized to everyone.

1Rip Torn Robs a Bank

Rip Torn Robs a Bank

Rip Torn is a very famous actor who won an Emmy and many other awards and has had a long career. However, he went on a bender one night in 2010 and did something that definitely changed his reputation.

After getting drunk, he went to rob a bank in Connecticut. When he broke in, he didn’t know that he set off the alarm and the police arrived quickly. He was arrested immediately and cops even found a gun on him. In court, Torn admitted he was guilty.