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Are you in need of some new hobby that will start training both your mind, strength, and endurance? Fortunately, if you are in Germany, there has been a recent boom in bouldering and a lot of gyms have added it to their equipment. There have also opened hundreds of different bouldering centers that you can check out and join at any time. Bouldering is a great way to stay fit while also taking your mind off things, reducing stress and anxiety. If you are ready to jump on the bouldering bandwagon in Germany, you should first find out about all the benefits you could get out of it. Here are several of them.

Stronger arms

The more you climb, the stronger your arms will become, this is because your arms will do most of your traversing when climbing a wall. Your grip strength bill becomes much stronger even after just a few days of training.

Stronger shoulders

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Of course, your shoulders may be a part of your arms, but the strength you will be getting in your shoulders is also very important. You will develop a nicely toned shoulder, as this muscle group is vital to keep you stable while climbing a wall.

Big improvement in other muscle groups

Your legs will also get more toned, although they are not the main muscles that do the work while climbing. Your legs are mostly used to push you up before you grab with your hands, they do not have an as strenuous job as your arms.

Your neck will also start developing as you are looking up, down and around you all the time to find your next grip during your climb. Naturally, you will also work your back too.

Your forearm strength will increase considerably since it is also one of the muscle groups that has a big role when bouldering.

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Instead of choosing between strength or cardio training in your next gym session, by bouldering you can work both simultaneously. The constant movement while climbing will increase your heart rate, which will result in more calories burned. An average bouldering session can burn between 400 to 1000 calories, making it a much better workout than a simple treadmill run. The best thing about this is that you will be working your strength too while also seriously working your cardio.

Improve problem-solving

Scaling a big climbing ball may not be as easy as it looks since it involves a lot of body awareness and problem-solving that can improve your overall problem-solving skills over time. Every time you get to a new position on the wall, you will need to decide the best place to put your hand and feet to avoid falling from it. You also need to choose when it’s the best moment to shift your weight. These instantaneous solutions for a problem while doing a hard workout are not easy at all and require a lot of quick thinking. You must always be present with your mind or you may never manage to climb on the top.