Being a celebrity can result in all kinds of unfavorable situations. When you’re famous around the world, you rarely get any privacy and you encounter some really strange individuals.

A lot of famous people have stalkers, some stars have been in just the weirdest situations with their personal stalkers and have managed to get out of them alive. Check out some of the strangest stories about celebrity stalkers.

5Conan O’Brien: Stalked by a Priest

Conan O'Brien: Stalked by a Priest

Father Ajemian was a priest who sent a letter to Conan O’Brien in 2006 and then kept sending the same letters, telling Conan that he was meant to give him a unique message created only for him. Father Ajemian wrote to Conan that only he would understand this message and signed his letters with “Your priest stalker.”

Of course, Conan and his team ignored these messages, but the priest got angry and started sending some aggressive letters. He wrote that O’Brien owed him and that he would forgive him if he confessed in public. When nobody responded, Ajemian wrote again and compared himself to the person responsible for the Virginia Tech shooting and even threatened O’Brien.

But it didn’t end there, the priest went to the house of Conan’s parents, and when they opened the door, he started asking them all sorts of questions. The priest didn’t harm O’Brien’s parents, however, it was clear that he was planning to harm O’Brien. Ajemian managed to get into the studio while Conan’s show was being filmed, however, the security arrested him before he could get to the host.

4Nicolas Cage: A Mime Stalked Him

Nicolas Cage: A Mime Stalked Him

Back when Nicolas Cage was filming a movie called ‘Bringing Out the Dead,’ he noticed that a mime would often stalk him. According to Cage, he remembers the experience being “unsettling” because the mime would always show up on set and do some bizarre things.

Luckily, the mime was removed from the set by security, however, that wasn’t the only time Nicolas Cage was stalked. One night, he was woken up by a man who wore a leather jacket and nothing else, and the man was licking some ice cream.

According to Cage, the man was watching while he slept but when he talked to the man, he realized that the person had a mental illness. Cage managed to solve the situation by calming the man down and talking to him, however, he still remembers the incident as ‘horrifying.’

3Hugh Jackman’s Crazy Stalker Story

Hugh Jackman's Crazy Stalker Story

Hugh Jackman had a quite bizarre stalker experience when a woman named Katherine Thurston went crazy for him. At the time, Jackman was married, but Katherine was completely obsessed and wanted to marry him, saying that it was perfectly fine for him to be married to two women.

However, Katherine had one problem: she hated Hugh Jackman’s beard. She thought that he looked much better without a beard and one day, she made an attempt at shaving it off. The incident happened when Jackman was leaving a gym, and his female stalker started chasing him with her own electric razor and tried to shave his beard.

Luckily, a trainer was present, and he pulled the woman away before she managed to hurt Hugh Jackman. The police came to arrest the woman, however, she thought that she didn’t do anything wrong, she just said that she hated his beard.

2Sandra Bullock and Her ‘Husband’

Sandra Bullock and Her 'Husband'

In 2014, a weird guy named Joshua Corbett managed to break into Sandra Bullock’s house and get near her bedroom. He started to shout all kinds of things and banged on the door of the bedroom. However, he said that she had nothing to worry about because he was, as he claimed, her husband.

Before that, Bullock got letters from the same man that told her God said she was his wife and that she belongs to him. Luckily, 911 replied to Bullock’s call and when the man was arrested, police discovered machine guns, rifles and even explosive devices at his home.

In total, the man had over 24 weapons and a notebook which contained a detailed plan of getting into Sandra Bullock’s house and attacking her. Later on, it was determined that Corbett was suffering from schizophrenia. When Corbett’s 5-year probation ended, he committed suicide.

1Sean Penn: Incident with a Serial Killer

Sean Penn: Incident with a Serial Killer

Sean Penn actually did some time in prison back in 1987 for assaulting someone on set and for reckless driving. He had to spend two months in the same prison as some notorious criminals and found himself close to Richard Ramirez, a brutal serial killer nicknamed ‘Night Stalker,’ who murdered 13 people.

When Ramirez heard Penn was coming, he managed to send him a letter with ‘666’ written on it as well as a drawing of Satan and a pentagram. He told Penn that he needs to ‘stay tough’ and ‘hit them again.’

Sean Penn didn’t know why the serial killer had sent him this message and he didn’t know why Ramirez thought they had a connection. Penn was brave enough to reply with a witty comment saying that he felt no connection but kept the serial killer’s letter to remember his days in prison.