It is always a challenge to be a college student. It requires all the following: self-discipline, hard work, dedication, and a strong desire to obtain knowledge.

The modern world holds so many helpful opportunities for young people. New technologies and the Internet has given us almost unlimited possibilities.

Now, there is easy access to almost any data. Learners can obtain vital skills and knowledge in a shorter time. Finally, there are lots of helpful online resources that make learning simple, like tons of useful websites and services for students.

Thus, finding the right one can be somewhat tricky. To help you make a good choice, we have gathered the most useful and beneficial ones that every student should add to the bookmarks.



Have deadlines for essays and other academic assignments ever caught you by surprise? We bet that issues with homework is something every student experiences at any stage of one’s studies. To be honest, there is not much one can do about this. Or, at least, most people think of it this way.

As a matter of fact, there is one simple but yet effective solution to all your academic issues. It is EssayPro – a reliable online writing service that helps students of all ages to succeed! We know how hard and time-consuming academic writing can be, which is why having a backup plan is never a bad idea.

EssayPro employs professional writers and delivers quick and effective assistance with all types of academic tasks. This helpful online resource should definitely be added to every student’s browser bookmarks!

2Khan Academy

Self-education plays a vital role in every adult’s life. For greater success, college students should invest enough time in self-learning. And despite the common belief, they don’t have to spend lots of money on this!

Many young people give up on the idea to attend additional courses outside the campus due to financial reasons. Khan Academy is a useful resource that offers a smart solution. Here one can gain new knowledge and skills for free, without leaving the comfort of one’s home!

At Khan Academy, users can access a significant amount of video lessons and courses taught for free. There are plenty of high-quality materials on different subjects and topics, so everyone should be able to find something useful here. Every session is broken down into sections, which allows students to find lessons on the needed topic without taking the entire course.

3Top Universities


This is another excellent website that all learners should bookmark. Unlike most of our picks, this resource doesn’t offer any courses, academic help, or study materials. However, it brings real value by delivering all the necessary information on different schools, courses, scholarships, study destinations, etc.

Are you only getting ready for applying to a university? Or maybe you already attend one? In any case, Top Universities is a convenient service that can satisfy every student’s needs!

Using this resource, young people can learn everything about the programs and schools of their interest, find and apply to relevant scholarships, even discover exciting opportunities for studying abroad!


Our next pick of helpful online resources is Coursera – an excellent source for self-education. Just like Khan Academy, Coursera offers plenty of courses on different topics for free. One of the biggest pros of this tool is that students can find lessons provided by top universities there.

There is a wide range of subjects and topics, making this resource universal and handy for people of different ages and needs. With the help of Coursera, students can easily find the data for their college projects, catch up on the topics they find complicated, expand knowledge of a specific subject, or simply learn something new.

5The Balance Careers


A college is pretty much a transitioning point between childhood and adulthood. This is a place where young people are wrapping up the knowledge they gained in schools and exploring the industry of their interest. They learn vital life skills and shape their individualities. In other words, this is the time when students are building a solid base for their future lives and careers.

However, making the first steps in adult life is never as easy as it seems from first glance. One of the biggest challenges waiting for you is the choice of the right career path. Most young people struggle with finding a niche for themselves, which is why having such a useful resource as The Balance Careers is vital for making the right decisions!

The Balance Careers is the best bet for students looking for helpful and relevant career advice. This website contains plenty of matter-related materials that will help young people make up their minds and get ready for climbing the career ladder.

Here, students can find useful tips on resume writing, job hunting, picking the right position based on one’s personality, and much more! In addition to that, visit TheLadders, to see some resume examples.

Final Words

Studying at college often causes lots of stress, but luckily, today, there are thousands of handy resources aimed at making students’ lives easier. The top five online resources covered in this article are only a few of the many.

Thus, we encourage all young people to use these sites to their benefit and search for more handy resources that can make their campus life stress-free!