These days people probably don’t really even remember what a music album actually is, considering everything is done through MP3’s and downloaded online.

But for the young kids out there, there used to be these things called CD’s and, even before that, cassette tapes and vinyl records. If you’re a young person and striving to be a hipster, chances are you’re familiar with vinyl even though you’re not entirely sure when the concept actually began.

Of course, making a great album wasn’t the only step toward selling music back in the day. You also had to come up with a memorable album cover in hopes it would attract new fans who saw it sitting there on the shelf, and the pure awesomeness would cause them to spontaneously buy your music.

Of course, as you’re about to see, coming up with a good album cover is a lot easier said than done. Here are some of the most hilariously bad album covers you’re ever going to see.

12Business in the Front, Horrible Music Everywhere Else

Business in the Front, Horrible Music Everywhere Else

Something tells us this music is favored at singles mixers where everyone is related.

11Parental Advisory: Idiotic Cover

Parental Advisory: Idiotic Cover

Honestly, we’re just trying to figure out which part of this cover is most offensive.

10Music By Your Weird Uncle, For Your Weird Uncle

Music By Your Weird Uncle, For Your Weird Uncle

After you buy their album, they’ll probably try to sell you life insurance, too.

9Police Hate Dancing



You guys could probably do all the dancing you want without fear of police if you’d stop threatening us with lethal weapons.

8That’s Also the Answer to “Who Bought This Record?”

That’s Also the Answer to “Who Bought This Record?”

f we had to guess, this was the theme music to a lot of swinger parties.

7Apparently, This Album is Binding Contract

Apparently This Album is Binding Contract

Records usually don’t come with fine print, Oral.

6You’re Just Sounding Desperate

You’re Just Sounding Desperate

Let’s be honest, ma’am, your party doesn’t look like a whole lot of fun and you could at least say “please.”

5Finger Licking’… Weird?


We have no words…but we’re suddenly craving mashed potatoes and gravy.

4So Many Catholic Priest Jokes


We’re guessing a group of middle ages religious guys couldn’t get away with that title these days.

3This Guy Must Have Been a Heartthrob


Ladies love musicians. In this case, ladies love musicians…or else.

2Alternate Title, “Evil Doll Sings For Your Soul”


We don’t mean to speak for Jesus but, no, we’re guessing he’s not loving you too much right now, you creepy little thing.

1That’s a Very Specific Demographic


No wonder this album failed, this guy doesn’t understand that dogs don’t have money.