Movie posters are a classic addition to any dorm room, and one of the things we most look forward to when trying to learn about a new, exciting movie that’ll be coming out sometime down the road.

A lot of movie posters are simply awesome, and a lot more are completely average or underwhelming. But then you look at some of the international interpretations of high profile movies and, well, you’re left wondering what the artist was smoking.

That’s because apparently some things are either lost in translation or people simply drastically misinterpret what the movie is about. These movie posters are for films that we’d never imagine could ever exist, because frankly, they’re pure nightmare fuel. Here are some of our favorite crazy movie posters from around the world.



This Polish poster for the comedy classic Tootsie looks more like a deep, dark, independent film about self-discovery.

11Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi

Spoiler alert: we have no idea what on earth is happening in this Russian poster for the third Star Wars film either.

10The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski

According to Poland, the Big Lebowski was actually about some guy’s car getting wrecked by rejects from Nickelodeon’s “Doug.”

9Children of the Corn 3

Children of the Corn 3

In Ghana, they seem to think the Children of the Corn series is about cross-dressing vampires who rip their own heads open.

8King Kong

King Kong

Hey, remember in King Kong when he fought a shark and a snake and sank the Titanic? Well, the people of Belgium apparently remember it.

7Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Let’s be honest, it took someone maybe 20 minutes to sketch that likeness of Daniel Radcliffe because they missed a deadline for this poster.

6Pulp Fiction


We’re starting to think that the Polish are only vaguely familiar with the concept of “movies.”

5Star Wars


We would totally see any version of Star Wars that includes a dragon wielding a giant knife, like in this Hungarian interpretation.



No, this isn’t some weird poster for Snakes on a Plane. Apparently, this is a Polish poster for Aliens.



We’re not trying to pick on Poland, we swear – but did they really think Gremlins was about Santa delivering a demented Jack in the Box?



If Ray Stantz had thought of the most horrifying thing possible instead of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, this thing from the Czech Republic would have been terrorizing New York.

1Planet of The Apes


Well, that is a planet, and it’s made of an ape, but come on Poland, did you have to spoil the ending by revealing the Statue of Liberty was stuck on the ape planet’s face the whole time?