Every person out there likes a pair of sunglasses, whether prescription or otherwise. They protect your eyes from the sun and can even conceal your identity. It depends on what you are after. You can even make a statement with the glasses you choose.

1. Silhouette Futura 570

These sunglasses are from a retro 70s collection. They look like something that is out of this world.

silhouette futura 570


2. Martin Margiela Mono Lens Sunglasses

This pair of sunglasses is a single lens frame. They look almost futuristic.

martin margiela mono lens sunglasses


3. Black Bar

This pair of sunglasses is inspired by Justin Timberlake. It is meant to block out your eyes completely.

black bar


4. Anna Haar Glasses

These glasses were made for a fashion show. They look like they are in the process of melting on the girls face.

anna haar glasses


5. Shuttered Shades

These glasses were made famous by Kanye West. It makes me wonder that if you can shut the shades?

shuttered shades


6. Toolbox

These sunglasses are shaped like a toolbox. They come in either gold or silver frames.



7. Nannini Flat Specs

These glasses not only come in sunglasses, but come in regular glasses. You can fold them flat for easier care.

nannini flat specs


8. MP3 Bluetooth Sunglasses

These glasses are functional for whatever your needs, but they are not pretty to look at. Maybe one day they will make a more stylish pair to function like this one.

mp3 bluetooth sunglasses


9. Martin Margiela Sunglasses

These glasses are made from one solid piece. They will shade your eyes from all sides.

martin margiela sunglasses


10. Dior Blow

These futuristic glasses come in five different colors to go with whatever outfit you wear.

dior blow


Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.net