There are always ideas floating around on the design of things. From dinnerware to flatware to drinking glasses, you are able to find anything to suit your taste. Whether you are a bit on the eccentric side or you like normalcy when it comes to eating and drinking, you can make your dinning experience your own. Take the time to look at these drinking glasses and see if they would suit your décor or be able to fit in on your next family gathering.

1. The Moose Mug

This mug is from Canada and has realistic features. The handles are the handles and if you have seen the National Lampoon movies, this mug was featured in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Even if you are not a fan of the movie, I am sure that you have seen at least one episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Who can resist that lovable moose? If you are a collector of anything that has a moose on it, then these should be in your collection.

the moose mag


2. Gun Mugs

A collector of the weirder things in life might find these gun mugs a great part of their collection. If you are a gun collector or a gun toting hunter, adding these mugs to your arsenal can be a way of expression your passion with your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

gun mugs


3. Pirate Skull Mug

With the popularity of the Pirate of the Caribbean movies, it is assured that this mug has seen an abundance of sales. Whether the mugs were bought for a showpiece or to actually use everyday, it is apparent that pirate’s memorabilia will never cease to exist.

pirate skull mug


4. Plasma Mug

This cosmic mug comes with its own coaster to create the plasma effect. This is the perfect mug for those science fiction buffs in your home. It can also help you to find your mug when you are watching a movie in the dark.

plasma mug


5. Bad Liver Mug

These were limited edition collector’s mugs. They were in the shape of a liver and discolored to make it look like the liver went bad. Now, you can drink from a bad liver all the drinks that will cause you to have a bad liver somewhere along the line of your life span.

bad liver mug


6. Flower Pot Mug

This mug can be for the flower enthusiast or for just someone that likes things out of the ordinary. With the shape of a terra cotta pot with a handle on it can be very whimsical. This mug just isn’t your typical 8 ounce mug, it is a 14 ounce mug made for those of you that like more than just your standard cup of coffee in the morning.

flower pot mug


7. Lucky Cat Mug

The lucky cat mug comes in the shape of a cat with a lid that is the cat’s head. It is fashioned after the Japanese Lucky Cat. It will keep your coffee and teas warm, so if you are unable to drink the entire cup right away, you will be able to still have a warm drink. You may also use this cup for cold drinks. This cup is supposed to bring luck and fortune to the person receiving it.

luckey cat mug


8. The Petit Coeur

This is a luxury wine glass that is in the shape of a heart. It is an anatomically correct heart with the ventricles and arteries. They say that wine is good for your heart, but drinking it out of a heart shaped glass I think would scare some of the wine connoisseurs away.

the petit coeur


9. A Stalk Beaker

Originally, this glass was made for the wine drinking, but as it was distributed throughout the country its meaning was lost. The droplets on the side were meant to symbolize the fruit the wine was made from, but once others got a hold of it and the glass became widespread they continued to have them on it for grip and decoration.

a stalk beaker


10. Inside Out Barware

These glasses are made to look like someone turned them inside out. You can get them in champagne flutes, martini glasses, shot glasses and liquor glasses. From the looks of these glasses, it looks like someone took and surrounded the normal glass with another cylindrical glass.

inside out barware


If you liked these glasses, you should check out these tips and help with printing mugs for family and friends. Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted ©