There is no doubt that mice are extremely unpleasant guests for any house. They cause damage, spread diseases and breed fast. Driving mice away from your home may be difficult, but don’t give up! If you are really willing to forget about mice problems, use our top-10 tips on how to get rid of mice.

10 Tips to Get Rid of Mice



Of course, it is quite an old method, but it has been proven by numerous successful cases. Place a piece of bread with peanut butter or a slice of cheese in a trap – these products are very attractive to mice.

As soon as the mouse dies, sanitize the area with disinfectant and seal the mouse off in a garbage bag. You can find a buying guide for mouse traps at

2Peppermint oil


It is considered to be a natural deterrent, as mice can not stand its smell. Soak a cotton ball in peppermint oil and place it in areas where mice appear most frequently – by doorways, heat vents, etc. You can also use mothballs, and fresh bay and mint leaves for the same purpose.

3Zap with beeps


It is a very effective electronic device emitting a sound unbearable for rodents, but absolutely normal for cats or dogs. You can buy it at any hardware store for about $30.

4Blends of organic solution


This is an innovating, all-natural mice-repellent. It is 98% bio-based and absolutely safe for children. Furthermore, such mixtures have a pleasant smell and usually act as air-fresheners, as well. No matter where you hang them, they will be quite effective in repelling mice.

5Humane traps


This is a perfect way of mouse control if you do not want to kill mice for humane reasons. The mouse gets trapped in a box and your task is to release it not closer than 1 mile from your home.

6Mice repellent sprays


They are also designed to drive mice away from your home without killing them. Despite being safer than other methods, such as poisons, zappers or traps, this one also has disadvantages. As sprays do not kill rodents, mice infestation may still persist even after their using.



This method is considered to be even more effective than traps. However, it has some drawbacks. Mice poisons may be toxic to humans and make children and pets ill.

Another disadvantage is that mice often dies afterward in inaccessible areas and produce bad smell. If you have decided to use poison anyway, stick with one in a tamper-proof station and do not put it anywhere where your children or pets can reach it.

8Glue boards


This mean of getting rid of mice is good because it allows catching many mice simultaneously, but is not so widely used due to humane reasons – mice are left to die of starvation and stress. You must also take care that your own pets do not get into such traps instead of mice. Glue boards can be easily bought in hardware stores or online.

9Seal all possible entries with kitchen pads cut to the right size


This solution is particularly good for old houses, where it may be hard to achieve mice. Mice holes may also be stuck with steel wool – it is tough enough, so mice will not chew it through.

10Get a cat


As simple as it is, this way is one of the most effective ideas on how to get rid of mice. Remember that not all cats are good at catching mice – you will need to find one who lived outside for some time and knows how to hunt.

Note that female cats are considered to be better mousers. And the most important thing: make sure you will be able to take good care of your new pet – after working hard, it definitely deserves having a good home.

Using any of our 10 best ideas how to get rid of mice you will undoubtedly win this war against uninvited guests and continue enjoying a happy life without rodents.