Adding a pool for your family is a very important decision to make and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is important to do thorough research and take all the factors into consideration before doing anything. Begin the plan implementation only when the entire plan is over. Here are the 10 tips we gathered for you to help you choose the size that will fit your family perfectly.

10Think about the number of users

The size of a pool should be chosen according to the number of family members that plan to use it. If your family counts four members and you want the small one, think also about the guests that you plan to invite. It is important to have enough room for swimming. On the other hand, if you don’t plan to make parties, then a smaller one may be right for you.

9Take the type of activities in consideration


If your kids are small and are not yet skilled swimmers, then having a part of the pool that is 2 feet deep may be the right choice. However, kids grow up quickly and they will soon adjust to depth. On the other hand, adults require a depth of about 3-5 feet. It is best to speak to a contractor and arrange for the best option according to the design.

8Consider the size of your yard

This is also a very important factor when deciding about the pool for your family. The size must be determined according to the room available in your yard. There must be a patio around it so the functionality is high and there is enough room for people to pass it by without the risk of falling in the water.

7Think about the shape


Most people opt for geometric, rectangular or oval swimming pools. This mainly depends on the space you have available but also of the taste and preferences.

If you only like to hang out in the water then you may even like free shape pools or in the shape of number 8. People who like to swim choose rectangular shape so there is plenty of room for swimming. Visit this amazing website for more information about the shapes of the pool available

6Take the wishes of your family into consideration

When in doubt, it is always wise to have a family meeting and decide together. Kids usually have ideas of their own and that usually includes the colors and the swimming accessories, but they can be a significant help when choosing the shape, as well as the depth.

Women usually care the most about the safety of the kids, so there will be a lot of suggestions that will certainly add up to the overall family satisfaction when it comes to the area.

5Make sure it’s safe


This is particularly important when having small kids. They should not be left unattended, but putting some fence around it may help a lot, so they can go in only when you let them. This may affect the size of the pool and decrease it a little, but safety should always come first.

Choose the fence that will complement your yard, but be very functional at the same time. The fence doesn’t have to be high, it is just important to prevent the little ones to approach it when you don’t want them to.

4Plan the space

If you plan to spend a lot of time around the pool, you will need a table and chairs, so some space planning is necessary. Make sure you have enough space for walking by, sitting comfortably and for kids running around.

That will surely impact the size but it’s important to take all these things into consideration. The contractors must know the needs of your family in advance, so they can make the plan that will be good for all family members.

3Assess the expenses


Pools are expensive and the whole process requires some dedication and financial planning. In order to install it, a pump and a filter system are required, as well as the material, equipment, and labor. Of course, the price varies depending on the size. Make sure you take all the expenses into consideration so you can be at ease when the whole process begins.

2Take the maintenance in consideration

The pool has to be maintained, cleaned and checked occasionally. Make sure you choose the size and the price that fits in your annual budget. Planning expenses is crucial for being satisfied and having full functionality. Ask for all the maintenance plan prices, so you can plan ahead.

1Check everything before installation


Go through the plans several times before proceeding to the final stage of the process. Make sure you don’t forget anything. Check all the measurements, spend some time in the yard and visualize how it would look like.

Think about the way that makes you feel. Do you feel happy with the vision you have in mind? Do you think your children will have a good time? What may be risky for your kids? How can you prevent it? What do you need to add or reduce to get the maximum out of your pool?

Once you get all these things sorted out in your head, it will be much easier to proceed to the plan realization. The most difficult thing in the process is making a choice among so many options to choose from.

Then every next step is easier than the previous one. When everything is done, the only thing left to do is to enjoy the beauty of your yard and a pool. Have an ice cream and enjoy the day!