I love the horror movie genre. It is one of my favorite types of movies to watch, but the only way to properly watch a good horror movie is alone, or with someone of your choice, and with the lights out. I can understand that some people are afraid of horror movies and with some of the characters portrayed in the horror movie genre, there is no cause to guess why they would be scared. Some of these characters will invade your dreams after you have finished watching the movie and gone to bed.

1. Dracula/Vampires

The portrayal of these horror movie characters are, perhaps, the closest to a human that you can get. They seem to have all the same human emotions as a normal human would, but with a taste for human blood. The Dracula vampire happens to be the scariest of all the vampire creatures. He is the one that is so fueled by anger and hatred that he will do anything to exact his revenge on the human form. He was turned for no reason and most likely killed, and then years later brought back from the dead, by a loyal family servant and will now be out to seek revenge on the families of those who have caused him an eternity of misery. He has been played by many actors, who will do their best to scary you when you least expect it.



2. Frankenstein

The Frankenstein monster was a man made monster. He was made to be larger than the average person from the bodies of other dead people. Dr. Victor Frankenstein was the person who created this monster. He was a little crazy and thought he could make a human by robbing graves and stealing the body parts he needed. The monster was stronger than the average person. He was brought to life by a lightning strike. Once he was brought to life the doctor was unable to control him. The monster wreaked havoc throughout the small town and eventually was killed, but not before he scared the entire town and you.



3. The Mummy

The mummy, Imohtep, was brought back to life by a spell. Once he was resurrected, he told the archeologist where to find the women he loved. He had been mummified because of his involvement in trying to resurrect her once before. When he realizes that the assistant looks just like his former lover, he tries to sacrifice her to bring her back to life. Not only is this mummy calculating, but he will scare you once he reverts back to his mummified state.

the mummy


4. Wolfman/Werewolves

This type of character will turn into a werewolf on a full moon. He will walk around during the daylight like nothing is wrong, then by the full moon’s light he will suddenly morph into the werewolf and go on a killing spree. He will then wake up somewhere different and never remember what happened. In any of the werewolf or wolfman movies, it is generally a person that is trying to save another person’s life or running to save their own when they are attacked by a werewolf. Then when the moon is at its fullest point they begin the painful transformation of human to werewolf and go on a killing spree.



5. The Creature from the Black Lagoon

The Gil-man originally scared everyone in the 1950s when it was released in 3-D. It was revamped in the 1970s to scare the kids of that generation. This Gil-man was after one thing and one thing only, the girl. He wanted to capture her to keep for himself. He liked her and she was scared of him and rightfully so. This monster could live on land or in the water, with gills to breathe. He killed off quite a few members and when you watched him swim it was like he was coming straight at you, forcing you to back up.

the creature from the black lagoon


6. Freddy Krueger

The monster that nightmares are made of, he would invade your dreams. The premise was that he was burned alive, because he was a child murderer. He then returned to haunt teenager’s dreams that lived on the dreaded Elm Street. He had burned skin and a gloved hand of razors. If he killed you in your nightmares, then you would no longer be living outside of your dreams. He liked to taunt his victims with witty banter before he killed them. The teenagers would come up with ways of staying awake, so they wouldn’t meet their demise in their dreams. They had to figure out a way to kill Freddy before he killed them.

freddy krueger


7. Jason Voorhees

The child of a murderer, Jason was bound to haunt the campers at Camp Crystal Lake. He was born to continue on his mother’s reign. He wants to protect the camp that he lived and died in. He is determined to not let any intruders in the camp. The campers that arrive each year are killed off by this non-speaking giant of a mass murderer. He will decapitate you with his machete or drive it right through your torso. It is enough to make you never want to camp in the darkness of the woods again.

jason voorhees


8. Leatherface

With the inspiration of well known serial killer Ed Gein, this character was scary enough. He would kill his victims with a sledge hammer and a chainsaw. He would then eat them and wear their skin as a mask. His family lived in the backwoods of a Texas town and would prey on the innocent bystanders that happen to get stuck by the side of the road. Most of those were teenagers on a road trip. He was abused by his family, because he was essentially an imbecile to them, but you could tell that he was only doing it because they made him.



9. Michael Myers

He was a disturbed little boy that killed his older sister. He was locked away in a mental institution. Fifteen years later, he escapes and returns to the scene of the crime, where he continues on a murderous rampage. The mask he dawns is a William Shatner mask. He terrorizes the girl who used to be his babysitter. The psychiatrist tries to find Michael before he can go on his killing spree, but to no avail. He calls to warn her about the escape and it is Halloween night, so it is hard to tell who he might be with everyone wearing a costume.

michael myers


10. Billy

This puppet is part of the Saw series and is used to deliver Jiggsaw’s messages to his victims. The laugh on this puppet is pure evil. After the message is delivered, it will sit there and watch the victim to be sure that the person carries out his or her own murder. This evil little puppet that is mastered by the even eviler Jiggsaw will scare you by looks alone. He will ride on a bike into the room and slowly turn his head toward you, then you will have to listen to the message that gives you your fate. Your death is inevitable.



Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.net