The aqua Doodle pads are basic fabric in which the child can draw water. It is possible to special markers, which are filled with water and allow the child to paint all sorts of funny drawings, and entertain.

And all this without filling or staining anything, everything is clean during the process and without any kind of stain. Here in this article, we will tell you about the aqua doodle pad and show you which one is of the highest quality. For more information, besides those that will be provided in the article, you can check

Regular paper drawing can be a little boring for many children. Surprise them with the ability to draw water!

Leisure improves the children with a session of unique fun at the same time, without worrying about stains difficult to clean while painting at home! You might be unaware, but maybe the member of the family is a small artist that is only lacking a small incentive.

The surface of the aqua pad is painted with a pen or water marker, then the drawings come in a variety of colors and disappear when the water is dry.

3What the Aqua doodle kits include


The kits are packaged in bags, with very colorful boxes that are perfect for gifts. And surely you succeed with a gift that few people know, and that is totally safe, clean and healthful, with the highest quality guaranteed.

The kits that we find for sale usually differ in shapes, colors, and designs, but all usually consist with the following:

– Colorful water extraction mat
– A set of molds and templates to draw shapes
– Several pens/ special water markers
– Brushes
– Didactic book with examples of drawings.

It is a game with quality and safety standards endorsed by the Doodle company. This one is an approved specific manufacturer of this class of water-related toys. It has great prestige and is a guaranteed and safe brand. Doodle carpets use environmentally friendly components with non-toxic, and uncontaminated water.

2How does the pen work?

The aqua doodle pen is a great invention, as it is thick, making it easy for your child to hold it. Use the Aquadoodle pen on the Aquadoodle mat. You only need to fill with water to write.

Do not get upset when your children paint their artwork in the interior of the house and even the dog. With the feathers of aqua doodle, they will only paint on the fabric and everything is clean and without stains to be cleaned after they finished.

You can easily allow your child to use this in the back of your car while traveling. It is a great concept, and it means that it can be used almost anywhere leaving no mess afterward.

You simply fill the pen, the brush or the Aqua doodle roller depending on the game you buy, with water, yes, running water and let your child create their own masterpieces. Once the pen is filled, it can take 1 to 2 hours to paint.

When the water runs out, you just have to supply more water by filling the pens. It is easy and fun. It is excellent since there is no need for batteries and battery requirements.

1Ayeboovi Aqua Drawing Pad


You would most certainly be unhappy with crayons or highlighters drawing of your children on your walls or messing up your sofas? With Ayeboovi, you can give them a fun space without cleaning up your home to develop their drawing skills. The length of this doodle pad is 59×35-inch, which is one of the largest doodle pads.

The beautiful and colorful nylon is available with a doodle pad, which makes the doodle pad a non-toxic. The doodle pad is easily cleaned. The free stamp pad, roller pad, and stencils also come with this doodle pad. I hope you will like this aqua doodle pad guide.

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