Not all students receive state funding, and some cannot rely on financial support from their parents. Read more about how to take your education into your own hands here.

1. Part-time work


It takes from several hours to an entire work shift per day. Students also quite often resort to the option of working at night. In any case, it is necessary to find a way to combine study and work, because if you are absorbed in the work process, you risk losing your grades at university.

As a rule, employers are skeptical of university students: either they do not have enough experience, or they cannot give enough time to work. However, there are many professions where students are always welcome because there are appreciated for the energy, which the young people have more than enough. Let’s look at a few options that will suit both current students and those who are just planning to go to university.

2. Promoter

Promoters usually work two to five hours a day. Whether you wear a suit, a special uniform or your clothes – it all depends on the company with which you cooperate. The advantage of such work is that in a fairly short period you can earn a good amount of money. Nevertheless, you have to be prepared for all weather conditions: cold, heat, rain, wind. But if you are lucky, you will be assigned to a mall.

3. Catering worker


The choice of positions in the foodservice industry is quite wide:

  • waiter;
  • barista;
  • bartender;
  • cashier-salesman;
  • chef.

Be prepared for the fact that you will be asked to get a sanitary certificate. It certifies that a person is healthy and can work in the food industry. If you want to get a job as a bartender or barista, it is a good idea to take a course. They will take you to work without these courses, but you will need training, which can last from three days to a month.

4. Sales Manager

The main qualities here are communication skills and the ability to find an approach to clients. Among sales managers, you can meet both yesterday’s students and professionals who have been doing it for several years. The salary depends on the company where you work and on the number of services or goods you have been able to sell for a certain time. Here is an opportunity for career growth and a proportional increase in salary. However, you won’t get a large amount in a short time: junior managers earn little, and it takes about three months to move up to the next level.

5. Sales Associate


In addition to communication skills, a passion for an area of interest is welcome. For example, if you know sports, you can advise customers in a sporting goods store with ease. Or you follow the fashion industry, which will come in handy as a consultant in a fashion boutique. Usually, these places have shift work schedules, and these jobs do not require any specific work experience, making the profession as accessible as possible to students.

6. Dog walking

Good earnings for animal lovers and outdoors walkers. You can find work not only in walking but also in sitting – looking after pets while the owners are on vacation.

7. Manicure and makeup


Students-girls can earn a lot of money by providing services for make-up and manicure. The first time you can train on acquaintances, and then you can begin to work with clients.

Search can be done through their pages on social networks, where you can attach photos with examples of work.

There is a lot of competition in this market, but if you do the work well, you can keep developing through word of mouth, as clients will advise the master to each other.

8. Remote work

Unlike the professions we described above, remote work has more advantages:

  • you make your schedule;
  • work in a place that is convenient for you: at home, in a dormitory, in a university classroom, in a café, in a co-working space;
  • the amount of a workload depends on your choice;
  • a wide range of service costs.

However, there are some difficulties:

9. Earn on skills


Suitable for those who want to monetize their skills and are confident in their abilities. For example, you know computer programs and can write code to order for some site. If you are good at design, you can create posters, illustrations for Internet portals, as well as do motion design (development of animated videos).

10. Tutoring

If you have an excellent knowledge of one of the school subjects, this is the job for you. You can help prepare high school students for exams. Online tutoring allows you to choose a schedule that is convenient for you, as well as design your study program. It is also possible to provide help to students online in special services, such as

11. Handmade

Handicrafts can bring income to a student. Girls can make soap or handmade candles, and guys can make furniture and jewelry. The demand for handmade goods is quite high. You can distribute products through your own Instagram profile or a business card site. During the holidays, products that are handmade and keep the warmth of human hands are especially relevant.

12. Reselling goods


It is better to choose what to sell on sites like eBay or AliExpress. A minimum batch of common and popular goods is purchased and then sold through Avito or other bulletin boards with a small markup. You can also use your profile in a social network to sell it. This can also include “joint shopping” when in a social network a student advertises a certain product and offers visitors to accumulate the necessary number of orders to procure it cheaper. This can be a size range of sneakers, jeans, or dresses. This type of income is actively used by moms on maternity leave, making joint purchases of children’s suits and other products for babies. However, the student can choose any item he or she is interested in for sale.