People have gotten really creative lately with reusing old objects they no longer need. Rather than throw these things away, there’s a movement to give them new life.

But how do you reuse an old toothbrush? It turns out you make it a fashion item. Here are a few simple steps to make a bracelet (and don’t worry, it’ll be clean).

It’s easier (and cheaper) than you think.

1Start with toothbrushes, pliers, and a pot of water.

Start with toothbrushes, pliers, and a pot of water.

This isn’t a tool-intensive process. In fact, you’ve probably got everything you need already.

2You can use the new toothbrushes if you prefer.

You can use new toothbrushes if you prefer.

Maybe you don’t want to use an old toothbrush. Fair enough! Pick up some new ones in a color that you like.

3Use the pliers to remove the bristles.

Use the pliers to remove the bristles.

What kind of bracelet has bristles? The pliers will make short work of them.

4Double-check for bristles!

Double-check for bristles!

Make sure they’re all gone! They’ll serve no purpose at the end (and might look a bit weird).

5Begin boiling water.

Begin boiling water.

The pot is where the magic will happen.

6Get some tongs and a towel.

Get some tongs and a towel.

These are the last two tools you’ll need, but they’re very important

7Submerge The Toothbrush With The Tongs.


The water really needs to be boiling. The tongs will keep your hands safe and unburned.

8Towel in Hand, Remove The Brush With Tongs And Bend it Into Shape.


Don’t forget to use a towel! Otherwise, you might get burned. The brush will be flexible before it cools down.

9If it Stiffrns Too Soon Simply Submerge The Toothbrush Again And Repeat The Process.


Skip this step if you managed to get the shape you like on the first try.

10Try Bending And Twisting!


You can get all sorts of unique designs if you play around a bit. Twists are simple to apply. Try adding kinks and turns to add uniqueness.

11And There You Have it.


Toothbrushes aren’t exactly expensive, so try experimenting and enjoy.