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With the advancement in technology, many things have become a lot easier and comfortable. And traveling is not an exception; in fact, it is one of the domains which have benefitted a lot from the latest tools and apps available. Knowledge of using the appropriate app can make the travel experience much smoother and hassle-free. There are a wide range of apps available globally and their knowledge and usage are highly recommended, especially for travel enthusiasts.

There are numerous apps with their specific recommendations ranging from cheap airfares, cheap accommodations, weather conditions. Local traffic updates, food and dining recommendations, and much more. And the best part is some of them are available completely free of cost.

Whether you need to enquire about cheap airfare or lodging is your concern, or maybe you are looking for a last-minute flight, the right app can help you ease your stress and help you choose the perfect options for you, with a click of a button.

Take a look at some of the safe and frequently used apps that can be your best travel companion while you are on a move.

1. Citymapper

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Citymapper, as the name suggests is a public transit app that helps to find the fastest routes. It provides a mapping service featuring transport options between any two locations in the city supported by the app. As the app offers real-time information, the user gets minute-to-minute updates about the things like the fastest routes and the nearest available bus and train stations.

2. Airbnb

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For a longer trip, choosing economical accommodation is as important specially if you are looking for cheap flights you can visit And preferring an apartment over a hotel room for a long stay proves to be a smart choice in terms of budget as well as comfort. Airbnb helps in selecting an apartment or flat out of hundreds of cities across the globe. It offers a wonderful platform to get connected with the owner and do the booking without any hassles.

3. TripIt

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TripIt helps in arranging the entire travel itinerary in one single and easily accessible spot. All you need to do is forward the travel-related important confirmation emails for things like plane tickets booking, hotel bookings, and transportation booking, amongst others. It eases out the stress of missing something to a great extent.

4. Google Maps

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Exploring a new city without a navigation tool is not a good idea. And Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and fastest navigation apps. All you need to do is open the map, search your location, and confidently head towards the direction of your destination.

5. PackPoint

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PackPoint helps to create a customized list of all the things one might need for a particular destination. For instance, by entering basic information like the destination, weather, days of stays, the activity planned, etc, the app gives a customized list of packing items. And this helps to reduce the stress of what needs to be taken along in the luggage for a comfortable stay in the choice of your destination. As per one of the features of the app, the user can share their list with fellow travelers as well.

6. Google Translate

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Understanding the local language is a major plus point for a traveler, but it is not a feasible option for all the destinations on your bucket list. Hence, the Google Translate app can play an important role. especially if you are stranded somewhere locally. This is a widely recognized handy translator app, which can help you in many ways while you plan to get around a foreign land.

7. Rebtel

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Rebtel offers a wonderful medium to remain connected to your family and friends while on a move. Through this app, one can make cheap calls to over 50 countries around the world without any requirement of the internet or local sims. The app connects with the local phone lines and makes it an easy affair for the traveler to make a call anywhere, without shedding loads of money.

8. Grab

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Grab as the name suggests, is an app allowing the traveler to grab food from the nearest located gates in the airport, especially in case of limited time in hand. It helps in finding out the food selection so that one can select and pre-order the food on the way to the gate. This app can be very beneficial in big airports, where every eating joint may not be easily accessible for a traveler. This app is operational in over 150 eateries across airports in the U.S.

9. Travel Spend

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For smart travelers, the Travel Spend app offers a smart way of tracking expenses. This in turn helps in maintaining the travel expenses within budget without making a dent in the pockets.

10. Headout

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Headout offers one of the best ways to get acquainted with the local events in some popular destinations like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Dubai, and more. By using this app, you won’t miss an opportunity to attend popular shows, tours, or top attractions.

My personal advice to add much fun to the trip

  • Talk to strangers, make friends and be curious

A solo trip is all about shedding your inhibitions and gaining confidence. One way to do that is by being proactive in striking conversations with locals and fellow tourists alike. Anyone who looks friendly can be up for a chat and you just need to be a little extroverted in your approach. Befriending locals can also help you to explore your destination a lot better and in finding cheaper accommodations if you have not booked them upfront. So be a little social and make memories all along.

  • Be Flexible with your schedule

Try and avoid booking flights during the festive season or the high season for the destination of your choice. For example, early fall can be a good time to grab cheap flight tickets to India while traveling during February to the same country can be a more expensive affair. Similarly, New Year or Christmas travel would be setting you back considerably for most destinations across the globe. Avoiding last-minute flights can also help you avoid paying extra for your flights.

  • Be Flexible with your Solo destination

Solo travel is an expedition where you explore your inner self. Compare multiple destinations that suit your taste and budget and then go ahead to reserve your cheap airline tickets. So if you cannot be flexible with your time slot allocated for your solo trip, try being flexible with the trip location and save megabucks on flight fares.

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