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Even since the 1900s, Indian playback singing has started to gain enormous traction all over India and even around the world. The reason why this type of songs became so popular was because of India’s film popularity. With Bollywood being so big today and other Indian film industries such as the Telugu film cinema, Tamil film cinema and a lot more, the soundtracks in these movies easily become hits. These soundtracks are then released at least a couple of days or sometimes after a few weeks after the movie. If the movie gets a good reception at its release, everyone will be able to listen to those catchy songs again by buying the album. Playback singing is basically a pre-recording of music artists who sing the songs and then the actress or actor lip syncs through the songs in the film. The songs can feature lyrics of various languages such as Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and many more.

If you are looking to discover more Telugu music, here are some of the top Telugu songs you must know about.

Nippai Ragile in the film RX 100

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This film is a romantic action film in Telugu language and was directed by Ajay Bhupathi. It features the actors Payal Rajput and Kartikeya Actor as the lead roles while Ramki was a support role in this movie. RX 100 received some pretty good reviews from various critics, but it especially got some good critique on the film’s soundtrack album. The song Nippai Ragile sang by Rahul Sipligunj was especially loved by the audience and critics and was quickly accepted as a hit.

Chal Godava in the film Chalo

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Chalo is a romantic-action film that was directed by Venky Kudmula. This film focuses on a small village that is split into two cultures, Telugu and Tamil people. In the film’s lead roles are the actors Rashmika Mandanna and Naga Shaurya.

The film’s soundtracks were composed by Mahati Swara Sagar and the lyrics were written by Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar. The soundtrack album features 5 songs, but the song Chal Godava was what pulled the attention of the audience to the album.

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Ela Ela in the film Krishnarjuna Yuddham

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This movie is an action comedy film that focuses on Arjun and Krishna who are complete lookalikes. This movie is in Telugu language and was written by Merlapaka Gandhi. Hip-hop Tamizha had the biggest influence on this film’s soundtrack album. They both wrote most of the songs on the album and sang them too. Their first debut was in the movie Dhruva and the audience loved them and in this movie, they also managed to recreate the same experience. They especially left a great impression with the sad and slow love song Ela Ela.

Yenti Yenti in the film Geetha Govindam

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Geetha Govindam is a romantic comedy directed and written by Parasuram. The lead roles in this film are played by the famous Rashmika Mandanna and Vijay Devarakonda. The music was composed by Gopi Sunder and it has a great reception at its release. Most critics mentioned the song Yenti Yenti as a stand out in the whole album.