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Can you even imagine how many people have a smartphone nowadays? Yes, it is a large number that only keeps on increasing. Plus, a lot of us are addicted to our phones. Some people don’t leave them out of their sight, and the first thing they do in the morning is scroll through social media, check if they have new messages, and so on.

At the same time, these devices can pose a danger, especially to young kids and teenagers, but they can also be used as a tool to protect them. Surely, you are familiar with mobile tracker apps. These have caused many controversies, so in this article, we will introduce them, tell you how they work, and provide you with a list of benefits.

1. How does it work?

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First things first, we have to explain to you how these apps exactly work. Basically, they use the GPS system to find the exact location of the device. Once you install it and allow access to the phone’s GPS, they will pinpoint the location within minutes. All smartphones have this feature built into their system. In Android phones, it can be activated via Android Device Manager, and in iPhones under the “Find my device” feature. In addition, there is an abundance of third-party apps that can be download and installed from the store.

2. Is it legal?

This is the big question that interests everyone. If you want to track someone’s phone without them knowing, it is definitely illegal. This is something that only law enforcement can do, and only when they have a good reason for it. So, how come these are so popular?

Well, a lot of people use them, but it is of crucial importance to get the permission of the person whose phone you are tracking. It isn’t only illegal but also unethical to go over someone’s smartphone without them knowing. So, make sure that your kids or other family members know that you want to install this app and connect your devices, and explain to them why you want to do it.

3. What are the benefits?

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This brings us to our next point – how and why you should use these? As you can assume, there are numerous benefits to these, but we will mention only some important ones.

4. Increase children safety

It is a fact that the Internet can be a dangerous place, especially for youngsters. Simply put, they are not mature enough to understand that some people might want to harm them even if they have never met them. You cannot keep your kid away from the virtual world, particularly if they are teenagers. Nevertheless, you can observe their online activity, check their conversations, and inspect things they look at online. This is when these third-party apps come in handy. Don’t forget to discuss this matter with your child. It doesn’t mean that you don’t trust them, just that you want to make sure they are always safe.

The same thing applies to tracking the places they visit. If your teenager usually forgets to notify you that they have safely arrived at a friend’s house, you can use to check their current location in real-time.

5. Check on your family and friends

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According to, a lot of people use the app to stay in contact with their family members and check on them. There can be many instances when these come in handy. For example, maybe you are supposed to meet your husband in the restaurant, and he is late. Yes, they are probably late because of the heavy traffic, but you check on him and make sure he’s on the way there. What’s more, maybe you are throwing a housewarming party, and want to ensure that your parents find you easily.

In addition, if you are getting ready to spend a year abroad, this app is the easiest way to let everyone know where you are exactly. Surely, you will send them a lot of photos and photos of the place you visit, but still, it would give your family peace of mind to know your exact location at any time.

6. Find a lost device

Losing their phone is everyone’s worst nightmare. Not only do we use them all the time, but they also contain a lot of private information and data. By using this app, you will be able to find its location in a matter of minutes. If you have just misplaced it, it means that there is nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, if someone stole it, the system will also show you to previous locations, meaning that you will be able to track the device’s movement. You have to agree that this is extremely beneficial when looking for a stolen device.

How to choose the best app?

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Finally, before we conclude this text, we will provide you with some tips you should use to find the right app for you. As already mentioned, numerous of these are available nowadays, so you should have a list of requirements the app has to meet.

First of all, the most important feature that it should possess is the GPS tracking feature. We have already discussed why it is beneficial, which is why it should be at the initial position of your list. Make sure to check other users’ comments to make sure that the feature functions perfectly.

Moreover, you should also go with the app that allows you to check the browser history. It will enable you to see what your kids search for online, what websites they visit, and so on.

Before opting for a certain app, make sure to check how it handles all the data. It is of utmost importance to go with the one that protects all of the information on your device as well as on the other smartphones that are connected.

Lastly, you have to choose between free and premium apps. As you can assume, the latter provides you with more features, so before making the final decision, so you should do a thorough investigation to find out what there are and consider whether you really need them.