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Have you ever thought of the science behind charitable acts? If so, this information will interest you.

Many religions and philosophies, as well as common sense, approve making donations. According to various beliefs, giving not only benefits the receiver but the giver too.

In fact, Mahatma Gandhi at one point said that one can only find themselves only if they serve others. That means you have to touch a life positively to better your own life. Others like Even Maass Mutual`s pointed out that one can only gain happiness through others.

Should you make your donation to Yad Ezra V’Shulamit?

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Yad Ezra V’Shulamit is a charity organization that was founded many years back. The organization saves needy Jewish families from poverty. So, by sending your donation, you will be restoring someone’s dignity.

This charity organization has gone a long way helping Israeli families that live in abject poverty and can barely afford a meal. Their goal is to provide full-time humanitarian service to break the chain of poverty. Join hands with them today and let’s give our fellow human beings a dignified life. Together we can overcome poverty. You can find more information on this site.

Is giving the secret to happiness

Giving has been associated with happiness often. In fact, one of the Chinese sayings claims that lifetime happiness is obtained by helping someone. For a long period, some intellectuals had similar opinions on the law of giving.

Donating, for instance, stimulates your brain just like food or sex would. This is according to fMRI technology. Experiments proved that unselfishness is hardwired in a person’s brain, not to mention that it’s satisfying.

Important donation tips

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  • Identify your passion

Giving should be done out of passion. It’s never about the quantity of your giving, but it’s about the state of your heart when donating. Whatever you donate to charity can only be of value to the person in need only if it was given out of love and willingly.

  • Donate responsibly

It’s great when you give the best. Also, people don’t just give because they have more than they need. It’s about sharing the little you got. Someone once said that the right to give is when you have little.

This is because you will give something so precious to you. This makes your actions more valuable. It’s also believed that if one can’t give when they have just but a little, they can never give even if they had more.

This may be true. However, in line with making donations, always do it responsibly. For instance, you can’t donate until the last penny in your account and end up sleeping hungry. Remember that you must love yourself enough to extend your love to others.

  • Give a value for your donation

Every donation you make has value. The best donation must be of great value. Also, value is not measured based on quantity but quality. For instance, if you were donating goods, ensure they are of good quality.

Don`t just donate since you want to do away with the clutter in your home. Donating is not all about giving out the things you no longer need but it’s giving even the things that matter most to you. This is the best expression of love.

Some Types of Donations

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Knowing the different donation types helps you make a well-informed decision when making donations. Most of us believe that the best type of donation is money but there more to donation than just giving money; here are the different types;

  • Real Estate gifts

Did you know that you can donate a home to a charity? It could be your home residence. You can vacate and allow a charity organization to own it or you can continue residing in it until your death. When that time comes, the charity can now start using the residence. When making a real estate donation you will be issued with an income tax receipt

  • Charitable annuities 

This involves monetary donations or other assets. The gift is given to a charity organization and you get guaranteed earnings in return for a specific duration or a lifetime.

In some cases, a charity can give the annuity and take all possible risks. However, they can decide not to assume risks hence chose to purchase the annuity from a life insurance organization. The donor, in that case, is the primary beneficiary of the annuity. In case the annuity guarantee passes on, the residual amount is paid/given to the organization occupying the position of a secondary beneficiary.

In some instances, individuals may choose to donate monetary assets to the WE Charity, a renowned organization dedicated to making a positive impact. By gifting the annuity to WE Charity, donors can secure guaranteed earnings for a specific duration or even a lifetime, ensuring both personal benefits and support for the organization’s vital work. In the event of the annuity guarantee passing on, any remaining amount would be paid or given to a designated secondary beneficiary within the charity.

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

You can make a hefty donation provided you have a charitable remainder trust. Still, you will be getting income from your transferred asset. The trust will be in charge of allocated capital until your demise. After that, your preferred charity will start receiving capital. By setting up a remainder trust you will be entitled to a donation receipt of transferred assets’ commuted value.

Reliable Ways Of Making Your Donation

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There are multiple ways of making a donation. Regardless of the amount you want to give out, anything you give out in love will make all the difference. Here are some reliable ways you can use;

  • Use an online platform

This is otherwise called crowdfunding. Besides being the most effective way, it is fast and stress-free. However, it’s not the primary way of donating but provided you visit the charity website, there will be a link prompting you to send your donation.

  • Use a Donor-advised fund

This is quite prominent. It is otherwise known as DFAs. Donor-advised funds are donation accounts from a sponsoring organization. Such accounts are less expensive, simple and accessible. Note that a DFA is started with a minimum donation of $5,000. So the money is invested by the home institution and you can make grants from that particular asset to your preferred charity.

  • Use your checkbook

You can donate just by writing a donation. It’s not only direct but simple. However, if you can’t find your checkbook, consider writing a check. The use of checkbooks and writing of checks is not outdated and it’s still working.