Synchronicity is a phenomenon in which two seemingly unrelated events insinuate to have a meaningful and deep connection. This concept seems so magical and fascinating. These experiences appear coincidental but are actually linked to a much deeper spiritual degree.

The origin of this phenomenon of Synchronicity arose with renowned Psychologist Carl Jung’s use of an archaic Chinese Oracle named I Ching. It showcases 64 hexagrams. Divination is made by relatively arbitrary numerical happenings for which the I Ching text provides outlined situational evaluation. After gaining knowledge of it, Carl Jung popularized this term and started to use it in his lectures.

Traditional scientific research typically concerns that any such theoretical concept either doesn’t exist or would certainly not fall within the bounds of scientific research but even at times, science fails to explain it.

In today’s world, Synchronicity can be appropriated in various contexts. Synchronicity can be explained with the help of Psychology, Spirituality, and Science. Some people think that it is a paranormal anomaly. Due to the lack of sustainable evidence to explain such a phenomenon, it is suitable to interpret it spiritually. In the spiritual sense, it implies that you are in tune with your destiny and the guidance of the universe.


Spirituality is being in tune with the universe. It is not by mere coincidence that you feel such a strong and purposeful connection that often overrides logic. There are so many happenings that are unexplainable by science, or they do not make sense, but it feels like they have a purpose. It feels that these signs are giving you a message.

Miracles, magic, and manifestations exist in a world where logic overpowers. Although generations of scholars from different areas have discovered this concept alluring and helpful in the interpretation of such coincidences. There was a bit of disparity amongst theorists on how Synchronicity functions and scientists have had problems offering empirically testable explanations.

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Some Interesting Facts About Synchronicity


All kinds of people with different beliefs, values, and purposes exist in our world. While some of them do not believe in chances and coincidences, there are some, on the other hand, who disregard spirituality. Still, although you might relate more to the latter, there are mysterious happenings that don’t make sense, and then it is hard to deny the existence of a higher force at that moment.

1. Unconscious Attraction

Several people have tried to explain this phenomenon, but the theory is that these meaningful experiences could be a case of unconscious attraction or manifestation. Manifestation is becoming a very popular technique of interest these days. Your deep rooted unconscious beliefs rule your life.

2. Recognizing Patterns

Great energy levels are created when we go through a major life change or seek meaning in our lives. This energy is the result of our efforts to connect with the universe, and it encourages us to seek patterns that provide us with significance.

Following research, when our mind has raised degrees of dopamine, such as in difficult or highly psychological circumstances, we turn to wonderful beliefs. Nevertheless, it is this magic or possibility that is Synchronicity.


3. String Of Events

Synchronicity does not necessarily pertain to a single event. It can be several events that occur one after the other. It is different from Serendipity in this manner, Serendipity, on the other hand, refers to something good taking place accidentally or by chance. Synchronicity is like a string of signs guiding us.

4. Synchronicity In Various Realms

The presence of this anomaly holds importance in many religions. In the Hindu religion, this spectacle is a manifestation of Brahman or the essential link of all living points within the deep space of our universe. Many religions and cultures hold a special belief in manifestation and synchronicity.

Behavioral economics can explain this through the concept of confirmation bias. So this concept talks about how if we think about something, we will notice it more readily.

We might not see that thing even if it is right in front of us when we are not thinking about it. For example, if we think a lot about red cars, we will start to notice more red cars when normally we would not even bother.

Quantum physics attributes this anomaly to our Universal Consciousness. Psychology believes that Synchronicity comes from or unconscious mind Skeptics call Synchronicity Apophenia or the exercise of seeing links and patterns in arbitrary or meaningless information. Whatever it may be. This phenomenon is too enthralling and universal to deem it as an accident or a bizarre happening.


5. Common Experiences Of Synchronicity

There are so many small signs people encounter in their everyday life that are hard not to give meaning to. Have you ever experienced the following events in your life?

  • Seeing angel numbers like 11:11, 14:14, 23:23 777,444,etc
  • Unusual alignments of birthdays in between buddies, companions, associates, and so on.
  • Come across a particular symbol everywhere and so on.


The metaphysical, the world past the physical, is where most of your life is lived. The world of your ideas exists in the spiritual measurement; past your simple sensory experience of life, there’s enormous deepness. These synchronistic experiences provide us a chance to get more connected to spirituality.

Synchronicity feels like a nudge to help you move in the right direction in your path of life. Sometimes the signs that are received from the universe push you to make some tough life choices. In the end, they are always guiding you towards a positive outcome. When you become more mindful and start to lead a more spiritual life, you can acknowledge these presents from the universe and be more linked to your real Self.