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An impressive webinar template can be a game-changer. Unlike traditional projector-based presentations, webinars are a bit different. The design needs of a virtual presentation demand more engagement. Since now you’ll be giving a presentation on a screen, the template should feature readable font sizes and it should be highly attractive. It is only then you can elevate your online delivery and quality of webinar. Today, we will talk about the best 5 PowerPoint template providers in the market which you may find handy.


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Free Google Slides Templates is one of the most visited websites on the internet for creative Google Slides templates. The website has a dedicated collection of readymade PowerPoint templates which can be used instantly. Currently, the website has thousands of free Google Slides templates available with some of the best template features in the market. You can easily pick any layout, any colour or choose text up to your liking. Moreover, you can easily project data in pictorial form with these templates.

You can easily download templates from FreeGoogleSlidesTemplates. These templates are compatible with online Google Slides as well as traditional Microsoft PowerPoint. FGST has templates for categories such as business, trading, healthcare, education etc. The website is often updated with fresh templates. The templates available are eye-catchy and makes it seamless for you to depict your data in analytical patterns. Downloading these templates is very easy and so is integrating the template into Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint.


Being a free presentation template provider, encompasses more than thousand PowerPoint designs and templates. The website has a decent collection of templates and other slide elements such as pictures, background designs, animations and illustrations. Each and every downloaded template is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. Gone are the days when you had to start creating a presentation from scratch. Download your favourite template from FPPT for free and start putting-in relevant content. Also, when it comes to finding the best template, it’s very easy on FPPT. Visit to learn more about presentation skills.

The website has dedicated search and categorization tools available which help you to easily locate the template you’re looking for. You can even search your favourite PowerPoint template by colour. Best suited for corporates, if you have to make a business presentation and you’re short on time, you can simply search for a template attuning to the colour scheme your company has. Through this way, you’ll save your precious time and will be able to align your presentation better with the business goals.

3. SlideHunter

For anyone looking for a quick free template on the internet for their presentation, can be a one-stop solution. The website offers one of the largest repositories of PowerPoint resources such as templates, high-quality graphics, icons, shapes and much more. The templates are crafted by expert designers and have been carefully designed. People from all walks of life can visit SlideHunter and can use the templates. Being professionally created, highly customized and user-friendly, these templates are suitable for students, educators, professionals, literally anyone who’s into presentation making.

The website assures its visitors with a wide variety of slide decks. Each template features a good number of slides which can be used to create amazing presentations such as marketing or sales reports, course curriculum, product pitch/proposal and more. As a user, you just have to put content in the placeholder and you’re done. Some of the most explored template categories on SlideHunter are lifestyle, logistics, medical services, entertainment and corporate strategy.

4. Slide.Market

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Slide.Market is a premium website offering professionally crafted PowerPoint templates and slide designs. The website features editable PowerPoint templates which can be used in a variety of industrial domains and niches. Be it education, business, finance, healthcare and much more. Best suited for the education and real estate sector, these templates can be customized to better fit the presentation goal in hand. The moment you land on Slide.Market website, you can start exploring different categories of templates. You can browse PowerPoint templates, Maps templates, Vectors and Patterns, Backgrounds, Shapes Templates, Icons etc.

The website has provided its users with a keyword search feature as well. You can even get your hands on diagrams, data charts and tables on Slide.Market. One of the most famous templates on Slide.Market is the real estate business report template. The template features 32 amazing slides having all sorts of attractive infographics, diagrams, shapes and icons. Even marketers can use these types of templates to woo their audience. You can find many debonair business PowerPoint templates. These modern templates are suitable for the audience of every kind. You can make your presentation and your business stand out from the crowd easily with these templates.

5. SlideModel

SlideModel is one of the biggest providers of Powerpoint templates. on the internet. The website houses over 20,000 professional curated, ready to use PowerPoint templates. Apart from templates, you can find PowerPoint shapes, diagrams, maps, icons and a lot more on Presentations can be regarded as one of the most vital tools in the market for businesses. With SlideModel, you can make presentations that matter. Every template available on the website is 100% editable. The huge variety of templates makes it easy for everybody to create amazing presentations in minimal possible time.

SlideModel also offers Maps templates under which you can get the Map of any state, country or continent in the form of a slide. Teams of dedicated designers at SlideModel readily update the website with fresh, never seen before slide designs. These designs guarantee to woo your audience and help you achieve your personal and professional presentation goals. At SlideModel, you can also get your hands on persuasive and concise graphs, diagrams and tables. Hence, it’s more than easy now to depict numbers and data in an attractive fashion to your audience and bind their interest to the presentation.