Online casino gambling enjoys growing popularity, and for a good reason – this entertainment becomes more freely available due to new technologies. More people can access casino sites that accept players from their jurisdiction, legally and play on the go using their smartphones and tablets. As a result, the industry is growing quickly.

However, there is still a lot of mistrust of online gambling and casinos in general, as if this niche by default cannot be fair and transparent. This, and other myths about betting online, often prevent people from playing successfully.

Can Online Casinos Be Fair?


Online casinos absolutely can be reliable, reputable, secure, and fair; while this does not mean that each site is like that, there are casinos that take care of their customers and their reputation. Decent online casino reviewing sites like offer reviews and educational guidelines, recommend reliable and well-paying platforms and educate wannabe gamblers on how to tell reliable sites from unreliable ones, and how to play with success.

There are always two parties that can contribute to the players’ success or failure when gambling online – unreliable low-quality casinos, and the players themselves. Obviously, fraudulent parlor sites undermine trust in other betting platforms, even the most reputable. However, inexperienced gamblers or wannabe gamblers may also undermine their own success early, by making typical newbie mistakes.

Mistakes To Avoid and Tips to Follow


Even making bets at the most reputable, reliable, transparent, and well-paying parlor site, inexperienced players may fail to follow the rules correctly. As a result, they may lose their bonuses and associated winnings, even lose their initial deposits, their withdrawals can be rejected, or even their account may be suspended or blocked. To avoid this unpleasant experience, gamblers may find the following tips useful.

1. Chose Reliable Casino Sites

To play with success, the very first thing to do is to choose the most reliable betting website possible – the one that accepts customers from the corresponding country legally, the one that is run by a reliable operator, and the one licensed by the corresponding authority that issues online gambling licenses. It also makes sense to choose sites that have additional certifications, industry awards, or seals of trust by third parties. Opting for a reliable merchant, the gamblers initially increase their chances of playing fairly.

2. Avoid VPNs


Some wannabe players start using VPN software right away to get access to sites they like, but not allowed to as customers. Or, they want to claim casino bonuses they otherwise do not qualify for because of their location. However, using VPN most often leads to the platform just blocking the gambler’s account, because betting platforms avoid suspicious users as much as users avoid fraudulent casinos. So, not using VPN and reaching out only to eligible sites is another important tip.

3. Try Games in Demo Mode

Before rushing in with deposits and starting to make real money bets, new online parlor customers should first try the games offered in the lobby in the Demo mode. Some sites even allow Demo mode for unregistered visitors. Demo mode enables the player to try out the software for free, without depositing and betting their own real cash, just to check how the software works and what rules the game follows. Due to Demo mode, the player can choose what games they understand and like best, and when they decide to make bets with their own money, they will not be intimidated by these game rules.

4. Check Banking


Another thing to check early is banking rules and payment methods, or rather, the correlation between deposit and withdrawal methods, and deposit and withdrawal rules. Firstly, there should be a healthy number of payment options both for deposit and withdrawal, and all options should be quick enough (that is, withdrawal options must not be limited to the slowest ever). Secondly, it is important to double-check what the withdrawal rules are, exactly. Some casinos have tricky conditions that are complicated and hard to understand, and the potential customer should take time to consider whether these conditions are suitable for them.

5. Avoid Bonuses

This may sound a bit radical because bonuses are something the majority of gamblers seek in online gambling in general. However, the main reason why is because bonuses are very tricky. It must be said here that bonuses are not created to help people win more, they are created to help casinos get more. Bonuses can be sticky – meaning that whatever the person wins by wagering the bonus can never be cashed out – and therefore make zero sense for the player. Many bonuses are simply not fair or sound like a rip-off. Few sites offer fair and attractive bonuses at the same time. If the player wants a Welcome Bonus or a No Deposit promotion, they should understand how these promotions work, and be able to choose really profitable ones. In other cases, customers must not be shy to avoid bonuses at all.

6. Prefer Automated Games


Automated games mean not Live Dealer Games; these are classic casino software products where the customer plays against the Random Number Generator Machine, and not against the real Live Dealer or real other players at the same table. Automated games demand different skills; some demand none, like slots, bingo, keno, and scratch cards; others demand knowledge and previous experience – like Table Games and video poker. The more experienced the person is, the more complicated games they can try.

7. Prefer High RTP Rates

Different games pay differently, due to their technical specifications programmed by the software providers’ software developing studios. One of the main tech specs to pay attention to is RTP – Return To Player rate, which shows how much the game pays back in the long term. The higher the RTP rate, the more the person can eventually win, even if they never hit a jackpot.

8. Withdraw Wisely


Getting what the gambler wins in real cash is probably the most exciting moment. But the withdrawal process is a complicated procedure the success of which depends on many factors and rules. If the customer fails to follow all these rules, for example, requests withdrawal while the deposit wagering requirements are not met; while the bonus is still active and not wagered; while the account is not yet verified, etc. – the site will reject the withdrawal request, which is a very unpleasant experience.

9. Follow Responsible Gambling Rules

Responsible Gambling protocols should be followed by bettors at all times to prevent compulsive behavior and problem betting. It also makes sense to opt for platforms that offer Responsible Gambling tools, such as deposit/session/loss/wager limits, time alert, cooling-off periods, and self-exclusion.

Hopefully, this short guide on widespread mistakes, and tips on how to avoid them, will make betting online more successful!