Online casinos offer diverse forms of entertainment with a chance to earn some money. Indeed, for the owners of the sites, getting a reliable payment gateway solution is a headache. Technology has made starting an online casino easier, and so should the means to access credit and relate with the clients when settling bets.

A variety of ways exists online to send or receive money from an online casino, and Finateco is one way. It is important to note that some methods offered online are fulfilling, while others do not have flexibility in sending money anywhere. The PSP industry is a complex one, as it handles different types of clients. Finateco, for example, falls under a group of payment companies that handle high risk transactions in the gambling, forex and crypto space.

Here are some reasons to consider Finateco as a payment solution for an online casino.



Participating in online casinos is a pastime activity, and the urge to place a bet does not have a discreet timetable for fulfillment. It is imperative for a casino business to select a payment gateway that works day and night. Finateco offers an automated system that runs 24/7 in any jurisdiction worldwide. It also has support available in the entirety of operations to deal with any issues that might arise in the movement of finances.

The platform supports credit cards, and has partnered with multiple financial institutions to make sure that it is always available no matter the means selected to transfer money. Further, the currency converter terminal supports a significant volume of transactions, as the platform is able to scale when needed.



Quick processing speed is one of the most satisfying things for any online casino owner. Most traditional payment gateways, which are also the most popular, might refuse to process a payment to a gambling site instantly. High risk online businesses often get turned away by traditional financial institutions, or have to go through a lengthy onboarding process. Longer onboarding processes are a dealbreaker and cause a lot of losses.

Finateco has worked to solve the issue of lengthy delays to benefit casino owners by offering a faster bridge to gambling terminals. The company does this by offering to be the mediating party between the sites and the banks



One of the major challenges online is to find an honest partner to help deal with all the financial traffic to a personal gambling site. Some traditional payment gateways, which businesses are accustomed to, have a good reputation, endearing them to businesses. However, not all of them are supportive to high risk businesses online.

Technological advances in the Fintech space, which have created fraud protection tools and other ways to detect a fraudster, have worked well for modern payment solutions. Finateco is one of those that has employed a robust system to detect fraud and quickly stop the transaction when something seems out of place.

Noteworthy, online security is two-way traffic and is the responsibility of every party involved and admittedly, no system is 100 percent.

Associated Fees


Transfer charges are top on the priority list when seeking a partnership with a payment company. Payment platforms use transfer fees to maintain their infrastructure and profit from their innovation. However, some platforms charge too much money for the liking of an online casino. Finateco is not one of those, and a site owner would benefit from it.

Multiple financial partners, offered by Finateco to casinos online, guarantees multiple deals on the table. In addition, Finateco has tailored solutions for different businesses, meaning that any fees associated with transactions will not eat much into the profits.

Concluding Remarks

Starting an online site might sound profitable until all the practical details that go into building one come to light. The payment platform used might be one of those areas that might be the missing piece of the puzzle in having an online business up and running. Finding one might be easier now, thanks to the efforts of Finateco and other companies in the space.