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As popular as online gambling is in the world today, especially the sports betting sector, it is still illegal in some countries. While it is legal in a few states in the United States, it is prohibited in others. Gambling is a huge business, and according to Statista, the gross gambling yield (GGY) of the gambling market was forecasted to grow annually to reach 495 billion U.S. dollars globally in 2019.

There are state-approved lottery systems and casinos in some places, and because of the restrictions in others, online gambling has gained more popularity. Although some countries still have restrictions on online gambling, most people find a way to gamble on other sites that do not have any connection with their country while ensuring they are not caught. There are different forms of online gambling, and you will see some of the best live dealer blackjack sites when you check this site.

Lots of people have proposed that online gambling should be legal everywhere, and we have curated some important reasons why.

1. Gambling is Here to Stay

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There have been restrictions on gambling for the longest time in certain places, yet people still gamble, and the industry remains one of the most thriving industries in the world. This only shows that whether or not it is legal, gambling is here to stay.

While the argument in most cases is that it is harmful both to the person gambling and to their immediate relatives, the percentage ratio says otherwise. Most people who gamble are not victims of it, and there are several other things that people could be addicted to that aren’t even illegal.

Just as most people have learned to drink responsibly and not get drunk or become alcoholics, most gamblers are also learning to maintain a balance in their gambling lifestyle. There will always be people who would be at the downside of anything at all, but it should not rule out the existence of the entire thing.

The world is evolving quickly, and technological advancements are on the rise. In this modern age, anyone can easily gamble from the comfort of their homes. Regardless of the laws on gambling, people who want to gamble will always find their way around it. Why not just make it legal? You can also check whether the site is listed on gamstop or not on the sites such as

2. Making it Illegal Generates Illegal Activity

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Since there’s a ban on gambling and most people are still likely to do it anyway, it simply means they are committing an illegal act. Now, you have more people breaking the laws, whereas they wouldn’t have to if it were made legal.

The government can make it legal and proceed to regulate and monitor the system to ensure that everyone does the right thing. They won’t be able to do that if they have already tagged it an illegal activity, which only poses more risks, as it is not being regulated or monitored at all.

3. Decreases the Unemployment Rate

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In places where gambling is legalized, people are employed to ensure progress. Every local casino has a bartender, a waitress, housekeeping staff, restaurant professionals, and more. Casinos employ hundreds to thousands of people each year, without which there would be more unemployed people.

The online gambling industry also creates the same job opportunities for people, as they work from the comfort of their homes or in land-based companies. The government should consider how much more people would benefit from the gambling industry if it were made legal.

4. Brings Money into the Economy

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With 495 billion U.S. dollars generated from the gambling industry worldwide, the economy can surely benefit from this. Gamblers and the operators get to pay gambling fees, property taxes, and income taxes, among others, back into the economy.

Casinos, in particular, generate a lot of money, as not everyone who visits a casino does so for the sole purpose of gambling. For some, it is for the experience, especially when they have to travel. This means they would spend on flight tickets, lodging, food, vacation trips, spa, and more. The government can take advantage of this, as casinos in countries where they are legal help contribute a huge part to the tourism sector.

5. People May Not Have the Time

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While there may be concerns that people would abuse the gambling system if it were made legal, it might not completely be true. The average man today is employed full-time for 8.4 hours per workday, which, when added to other essential activities of the day, leaves everyone to a few hours to themselves. Most people would rather take that time to rest or spend some time with family and the rest of the time on social media. There is a little chance that people would sit by their desks to gamble online all day or visit the casino regularly.

If it is legalized, more people might opt-in, but it will not necessarily mean that they would spend more time gambling.

6. People May Not Have the Access or Ability

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Making gambling legal does not automatically equal easy access for all. Many teenagers would likely be limited by their parents, and the elderly ones are aging fast that it is sometimes a struggle to walk or drive themselves to a nearby casino. Those in-between are probably busy with work and caught up with life that they barely have the time to gamble.

Also, not everyone can gamble, as it takes some practice and level of experience to become a professional. Some might give up too soon while trying, and a few others would keep pressing on. At the end of the day, not everyone would gamble.


The question of whether or not gambling should be legal will always be a debate around the world. But it is quite fascinating that it is still one of the leading industries in the world. Thousands of people travel across different states and countries just to play this game, and since making it illegal won’t stop this, the government can as well make their gains from the industry by making it legal.