Counterfeit goods have been around for a long time but after Covid-19 hit the world and online shopping became as convenient as ever, the problem got worse as the counterfeit brands started manufacturing more products so they would sell more goods online. There are several reasons you should be avoiding fake items and here are some of them.

1. Health dangers


It might surprise you that counterfeit goods can cause harm to you and your beloved people but it is not as surprising if you think about low-quality products used in the manufacturing process. Just to reduce the final cost the counterfeiters put our health at risk. While some materials have their damaging effect over time, in other cases they can cause allergies and seizures. Do not put your health at risk, buy authentic products so you and your family members are safe.

2. Funding criminals

Counterfeiting products is a crime that is punishable and not tolerated by luxurious brands so supporting the culprits by buying their manufactured goods is wrong. Not only do they take sales away from the authentic brands but also participate in forced labor or human trafficking. So think again, is your fake Gucci bag worth it?

3. Low-quality products


We know that authentic goods are expensive and not as affordable as counterfeit ones but instead of saving money by spending less, you are losing more. How? You might ask; Counterfeit products are not durable at all, they get worn out and torn very easily, so for example if the authentic bag that would last you decades the knock-out version of it will last only for a few months.

4. Supporting unethical human labor

Counterfeit products are almost always manufactured in developing countries where people do not get paid fair wages or get treated fairly. Buying counterfeit goods means supporting unethical human and child labor.

5. Putting your beloved people in a bad position


You might buy a gift for your beloved person with the best intentions but end up putting them in a bad position as the counterfeit products might contain materials that some people are allergic to. Getting an allergy reaction instead of a thank you is not what you are going for, are we right?

As you can see, counterfeiting is a much bigger problem than you might have thought it was. The problem is, sometimes customers do not even realize they are dealing with fake goods when they purchase them; Some people might be believing they are the owners of authentic luxury products when in reality all they have is a knock-out version of authentic goods. This problem can be solved by professionals only. All you need to do is reach out to so they authenticate the item before you place your order. Not only do they offer legit check services with the fastest turn-around time but also write authentication guides that you can follow at home! Use your chance to the fullest.

Brand Protection: Owner’s Vision


Counterfeiters damage the reputation of luxurious brands that is why they have a zero-tolerance policy. Brands control the market very strictly but the replica brands still manage to counterfeit the goods illegally. There have been many cases when the counterfeiters were caught and fined millions of dollars. Not only is their reputation put at risk but they also lose sales that were supposed to be theirs. So the damage is both material and reputational.

For example, luxury brand Louis Vuitton accused 69 defendants of selling counterfeit LV products that were much lower quality using various seller IDs. As a result, the brand won a $23 million dollar judgment and defended its trademark and intellectual property.

Protection: Customer Vision


Naturally, brands not only take care of their reputation but also their customers too, that is the reason the official documentation is always attached to authentic items and official third-party vendors are well-known to the customers, so chances of purchasing counterfeit items unwillingly are much lower but never zero.

Knowing basic authentication methods will always help the customer in making a good decision, as they will be able to spot a fake model immediately. Sometimes overall knowledge is not enough so a super clever way to make sure your luxurious item is legit is to use authentication services, so you never have to question yourself or the seller.

Real Life Stories


Unfortunately, in some cases, people try to make fraudulent returns, when they use a fake receipt and a counterfeit item to return the product to the official store just to get money or a gift card in return. It is a serious issue and this method is commonly used among criminals. Fortunately, brands are aware of such activities, and they try to catch the criminals on spot. Sometimes, controlling is not enough and people still get caught in a trap by purchasing fake products. What we recommend you do in that case is apply for a refund, and if the seller seems to ignore your complaint, then you should contact your local authorities.


Clearly, counterfeit goods need to be taken more seriously, as they cause harm from customers to brands. The reputation of famous luxurious designer brands gets damaged by the replica brands, they lose their sales and loyal customers when people buy fake products unwillingly. Comparing counterfeit goods to authentic ones only highlights the original quality. Even though saving extra bucks by buying fake designer items might seem like a great idea, think again; the quality of such products is super low and they get damaged in a short time whereas the original goods are durable and stand the test of time. Even after actively using them for years, they gain their value so if you ever decide to resell them, you might make more than what you paid!

In conclusion, saving up for authentic items instead of impulsively buying a fake trendy product is a much better idea.