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Getting a new laptop can be an incredibly exciting experience. There is nothing like starting fresh on a new, fast computer. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that your laptop has not come equipped with all the apps that you will need to make the most out of your experience. This article will include 7 apps that you need to get to get the most out of your new laptop. Do not get stuck with all the stock apps that the laptop comes with. These are often not the best and there are usually better alternatives available.

Read on to find out what we think are must-have apps this year!


If you are a music lover then a music streaming app is a must-have for your new laptop. Spotify offers you access to an amazingly large and diverse library of music that you can use to curate your playlists and share it with friends. If you lived to be one thousand years old then there is still no way you could listen to all the music that is on Spotify. There are often deals for purchasing the subscription to the app if you are a student or interested in committing to a longer subscription. Spotify is also an excellent tool for finding new music using their ‘discover weekly’ playlists and others that are curated based on your listening habits.

Other music streaming apps are on the market, such as apple music and many others. Feel free to explore different options. If you enjoy music and the bands that you have checked out on Spotify, consider supporting the band locally by going out to live shows, buying merchandise, and purchasing their full-length albums either in hard copy or even online. This will help your favorite artists to fund their new musical projects in a way that companies like Spotify just do not do. Unfortunately, when you use streaming services only a small portion reaches the artist.


If you are the kind of person who enjoys watching shows and movies online then you know how frustrating the process of streaming online can be. There are millions of pop up ads that you must often click through before viewing your program. Another issue associated with streaming is that it can use a lot of bandwidth. You can use Viddly for video downloading because it is free and easy to use. Downloading your videos can make sure that you do not waste time clicking through lots of pop up ads, and since you have already downloaded the video, you will not need to waste bandwidth by streaming it.

This service is also useful to archive your favorite online videos. It is a fairly common occurrence for YouTube videos of live concerts or other things to be taken down pretty quickly due to copyright laws. BY downloading and archiving the videos that you do not want to lose, you will guarantee that you have access to them whenever you would like.


If you are unfamiliar with steam, it is an online database that allows you to purchase and play games online with your friends. There are thousands of titles available on the platform to choose from. Many popular games are available on Steam. There are also packages that you can buy which include many different games for a discounted rate. In addition to the games that you must pay for, there are also games on steam that are free. Such games such as the popular risk are available to play online for no cost. If you have never played these games online, then you have to check it out. You will not regret it and will spend countless hours having fun online with your friends.


If you have a brand new laptop, then chances are it came with the stock internet browser such as safari or internet explorer. These browsers are not the best, so we recommend checking out some alternatives such as Chrome, Firefox, or there’s. This will help make your internet browsing experience more enjoyable, and allow you to work more effortlessly online. There are also numerous add-ons for google chrome that can further streamline your internet experience.


Owners of Apple devices will already have iTunes installed on their laptops, but if you have an iPhone or similar Apple device, then you will need to install iTunes to sync the device with your computer. This is available for most platforms online for free.

MS office

If you plan on doing any work on your laptop, then it would be a smart idea to get MS office or something similar. This includes a word processing app, spreadsheet, presentation app, and many others. There are other options available, but the MS office is the most comprehensive and well supported of the bunch.


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During the coronavirus pandemic, the use of video conferencing apps such as Zoom and others has increased tenfold. There are many different options available, but the Zoom is one of the better ones in terms of connectivity and features offered. Zoom is also available online for most platforms at no cost. This app has been popular with friends seeking to stay in touch during the pandemic. It has also been used by professionals for video conferences and even teaching online music lessons! Don’t miss out on the fun. Download this app for free today to see what all the fuss is about.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the various options that you have in terms of apps for your new computer. Start your new laptop off the right way. Do not go through the process blindly and get apps that are not the best for the job. The apps in this article are proven to get the job done efficiently and will improve your experience — and maybe your life. Do not waste time and money on the subpar software.