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Many organizations if observed closely tend to focus on one factor like productivity, the number of employees, sales strategies, customer satisfaction et cetera. What they fail to keep in close consideration is the official work environment. An official work environment is directly proportional to employee satisfaction. Say if the employee is not satisfied with the office work environment will the productivity be satisfactory? Or will they own the organization? Or will they be happy? A happy employee is a good employee that’s what we all know, right? So, the question is how to make the work environment good enough to keep the employee happy?

As the world has developed into a global village, creativity is a common phenomenon. In a robotic environment people can not be creative. Such an environment needs them to work from nine to five with no flexibility, need them to follow the rigid instructions for work, need them to do nearly the same nature of work every day, and need them not to apply themselves but to apply the rules and regulations. Due to this system employees lack motivation, creativity, and ambiguity. This does not create very much employee loyalty or enthusiasm. In the end, employees grow tired of the place and it is not remembered in shinning letters.

On the other hand, a friendly work environment triggers the opposite behavior due to its flexible work routine, more interaction, more understanding, more work-life balance, more creativity, and more need for the employees to apply themselves. Employees feel more important, motivated, enthusiastic, and innovative. And in the end more employee loyalty is displayed along with a positive image of the organization.

However, as the friendly work environment concept is new in the industry therefore it must be difficult and confusing for many organizations to adopt.

These are a few pressing reasons why this friendly culture is much better from that robotic culture

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  • The culture of the working environment is more positive which in turn leads to happy employees.
  • A productive collaborative work environment will come forward.
  • And more creativity along with innovativeness will be noted. (Craig, 2017)

Below are a few steps that will ensure the successful creation and implementation of a positive environment:

Display a Positive & Open Attitude

A friendly work environment should develop a positive attitude towards the workers. Be open to mistakes, criticize for growth, do not insult, be open to ideas, be more flexible. A positive attitude does not let the employees breathe a little, but it also creates a better image of the organization among the customers and stakeholders.

But do not forget the limits. Positivity to some extent is good but do not let the employees create an idea that the work environment is easy going or they will relax, and the productivity graphs will fall. Be good but not too good.

A positive and enjoyable environment is the key to a better workplace. Where people are creative and not burdened.

Treat Employees With Respect

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For the environment to be friendly and more positive there should be respect for everyone. From a mere janitor to the CEO of the company. Treat people with respect. It is a common phenomenon ‘Give respect, Take respect’. Even if someone does a big blunder, just point out the mistake, say words that will depict the frustration one is feeling but never fall below the line of respect.

This is a core value in employee loyalty creation. When they would feel respected inside the walls of the organization then will they talk about the organization with respect outside the walls of the organization.

Let Them Be Innovative

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Say one is the manager of the human resource department of the organization and an important task is sent down from the top hierarchy to do. Now the management will break down the task and find a solution to undergo it in the minimum amount of resources and time. Now commonly managers summon the most trustworthy employees and give him/her the task and ask it to do according to certain SOP’s. Instead let’s apply the innovative technique here. Say if the manager handles the task by making a team of the best employees with a different set of skills and give the task to them. Will the work be done in a much better manner? Obviously yes. The team will use less amount of time, energy, and resources. With different people acting upon the problem altogether the task will be done in an utterly diversified and creative way.

Similarly, if a smaller task is assigned that does not require making up of a team, let the employees do it in their own way in a given timeline and resources instead of forcing them to follow the same old SOP’s.

Teamwork Can Do Wonders

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Yes, you knew already I was about to further talk about teamwork. And why not? Teamwork is the most effective, efficient, innovative, and fast way to carry the task of the job. In a team, there are different members and all of them think differently. Different does not mean wrong. Different just means that they can use a different approach to solve the problem at hand than others. Like there are different paths for the same destination.

Teamwork can be perfectly effective if one knows how to build a perfect team. While making a team make sure to put such people together who have different sets of skills. For instance, if a team has 3 members. Say A, B, and C. Then A must know how to do things in time, B must know how to do things in the provides resources and C must know how to manage team members.

One can use small tools such as lanyards to differentiate among the different teams and keep them creative. For instance, teams with short timelines can have red lanyards and teams with medium timelines can have blue lanyards while those with somewhat big timelines for designated work can have green lanyards. As the timelines change so does the lanyards.4inlanyards is a good place for such customized lanyards or printed lanyards. They provide desirable products in the shortest amount of time. Probably worth a try.