Thailand’s location near the equator and position outside of the Pacific and Indian ocean cyclone zone means the conditions for sailing are excellent all year round. As such, choosing when to charter a yacht in Thailand is never really an issue.

Instead, the problem often lies with where sailors should go on their voyage. After all, there are one thousand four hundred and thirty islands in Thailand to choose from.

So, to help you whittle those down, this guide identifies a few of those islands you can’t afford to miss during your Yacht Charter Thailand trip. For more information, visit BorrowABoat.

1. Phi Phi Islands


Vivid scenery of pristine beaches, incredible rock formations, and turquoise sea is what sailors will first set their sights on when approaching the Phi Phi islands. This archipelago is composed of 6 small islands with massive rock formations and well-known for their beautiful, turquoise waters. The soft sands and breathtaking views are what makes these islands a must on your next trip.

The main Phi Phi island is Phi Phi Don, which entertains an array of tourists wanting to explore the numerous beautiful bays.

Phi Phi Don’s most popular and lively bay is Tonsai Bay, here numerous visitors dock their boats and enjoy an assortment of lively bars and restaurants.

In opposition to Phi Phi Don, the other Phi Phi island, Koh Phi Phi Leh is uninhabited; thus, the island’s stunning landscape has largely been left untouched.

Moreover, Koh Phi Phi’s bay, Maya Bay, is famous for its debut in the movie The Beach, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. As a tip, it’s best to visit this particular bay in the early morning to avoid a flock of tourists.

2. Similan Islands


The Similan islands form the maritime border between Thailand and India and consist of eleven small, charming islands in the Andaman Sea. Established as a National Park since 1982, the Sicilian Islands have the richest variety of sea life, ranging from coral reefs to colorful fish.

Those chartering a yacht can visit the Similan islands for a day trip. But, it’s recommended to stay a couple of days so that you can experience the magnificent beaches earlier in the day when they’re empty.

A distinctive attraction on one of the islands is the giant boulders called Sail Rock, which form an iconic landmark on a hilltop. Sail Rock is the perfect tourist spot for those who love adventure and enjoy climbing and enjoying the view.

Visitors can dock their boats nearby and climb up onto the boulders. The trek and climb will take around an hour. At the top, the reward for travelers is the mesmerizing views of the bay’s crystal clear water below.

Other islands in the archipelago host spectacular coral formations and an array of vibrant fish. As such, holiday makers tend to make the most of their stay on the Similan islands by snorkeling.

3. Koh Chang Island


The island’s name translates to elephant island, and it’s one of the biggest and most-loved islands in the east of Thailand. What makes Koh Chang island so special for tourists? It has the same beauty as it’s neighbors but is way less crowded, which makes it perfect for a quiet and nice vacation.

While Koh Chang is one of the largest Thai islands, it’s not as developed as Samui and Phuket. Thus it’s perfect for holiday makers eager to avoid crowds of people.

Perhaps the busiest beach on the island is the white sand beach, lined with numerous bars restaurants. In contrast, the lonely beach is often a haven for backpackers who desire to stay in huts and guesthouses.

Beyond sunbathing and sipping cocktails on the beach. There’s also a range of exciting activities to enjoy in Koh Chang, such as trekking through the jungle, exploring the treetop adventure park, and elephant trekking!

4. Phuket


Phuket – it’s the largest and, to many, the most famous island in Thailand. The landscape of Phuket island is mainly composed of big mountains and rock formations, but that doesn’t mean this place has some of the best beaches in the area. You can also walk through the rainforests and get up close with the local fauna.

While soft sandy beaches, and clear blue waters, are a part of Phuket’s appeal. There’s a lively and quieter side to this part of Thailand. Making it perfect for sailors torn between wanting relaxation and adventure.

Here is a snapshot of a few must-see locations in Phuket;

  • Phuket Town on the southeast coast of Phuket is home to many restaurants, hotels, and massage parlors. For historical insight, stroll through old Phuket town and see how the architecture embodies the influence of immigrants from China.
  • The stunning Kata beach is a relatively touristy location, but compared to Patong beach, it’s more relaxed and chilled. At Kata, there are a few beachfront stalls where travelers can grab a delicious papaya shake.
  • On top of Nakkerd Hills, Big Buddha is perched between Kata and Chalong. Upon reaching the summit, travelers can experience panoramic views.

There are multiple marinas for travelers to anchor their yachts in Phuket. Including the Phuket blue lagoon, Phuket yacht haven, and the Royal Phuket marina. Therefore there are plenty of places around Phuket to stop, hop off the boat and explore.

Koh Lanta

For a serene and laidback experience of Thailand, visit Koh Lanta. This remote and paradisiac island is located in the Southernmost region of Thailand. Koh Lanta is famously known as the “backpackers’ heaven” due to its amazing trails and landscapes.

With long peaceful beaches and mountains laden in greenery, there’s endless scenic beauty to behold.

Once travelers have departed their boats, they can opt to tour the breadth of the island on a road that wraps 27km around the island. And make a stop along the way to visit the old town’s settlements, which feature a village of houses stilted above the ocean.

Chartering a yacht to see Thailand’s islands in depth is arguably the best way to explore this part of the world. Because it gives travelers the freedom to personalize their journey and experience different sides of the country and what it has to offer.