Every corner of the world has got its taste of culture, people and the style of living. But if you are wondering, what makes London better than the rest? Well, then you are at the right place. London is one such amazing city that has got people with unique character while the fun facts list is abundant. Before you plan to move to London, give yourself time to understand why it is better to live in London than anywhere else. Indeed, it is a nice place, and it is the only place where you can find peace even in the constant hassle and bustle.

1. Shopping


Whether it is Westfield or Oxford Street, shopping in London can be cheap, fun, and an amazing experience. There are different independent stores that you can find in the local areas. But one thing is for sure, and that is you will never go empty hand to home when you decide to shop in London. The style, the material, and the price of all here are amazing. You can find an outfit for any occasion, call it an office meeting, a party, or even a date night.

2. The underground

Not many people may have experienced the underground culture, but yes, it is unique in its way. You can explore more of it when you visit this website, where you will know what is worth to be explored in London underground. Do you underground of the London is one of the places that has got great Wi-Fi and at times when you want to just sit quietly and in peace for some time, you may prefer underground over the regular parks.

3. Lovely landmarks

You must have seen many tourists in London taking selfies and family pictures at London tower or big ben. Well, these are not just some monuments but the best landmarks that even hold a history. On a long weekend, you should plan to visit places like St. Paul’s, Buckingham palace and so on that makes this city complete.

4. Mouth relishing food


Here is the good news for foodies: those who want to enjoy a better time with themselves should try out some impeccable food outlets. Here you can find food corners of almost every cuisine that you will be able to control your indulgence at all. If any day you plan to go shopping in the rustic markets, you should try out the food here that will remind you of being in the countryside. Curry is the most popular dish in the United Kingdom, which is Indian cuisine, and people are a fan of restaurants like Brick Lane in London for the same reason.

5. The London Skyline

For a better view of London why waste money on a taxi when you can enjoy it from the London Eye. Well, it is the best place that would never disappoint you to enjoy the London view no matter how many times you had earlier visited the place. Besides, there are also some iconic buildings where you can even spend some money on the rooftop bar like the Shard and the House of Parliament.

6. The Transportation Hub

London is known for the streets that have 11 underground lines, which may confuse you initially. Soon you can navigate through the tunnels in the city just the way locals do. London is a well-connected city that has good traffic management. It does not matter where you want to go, and a train will take you there. Whether it’s Brussels, Disneyland Paris, or elsewhere, well, you have the best-connected routes to reach every location. You can try out the Kings Cross Station Platform 9 ¾ to reach Hogwarts. You never know there might be a train waiting for you if you run through the wall.

7. Cost of living is manageable


Undoubtedly, the living expense is pricey, but you cannot overlook the fact that it offers high wages as well. Rather, London is considered to be the most expensive city in the world where the salaries are quite higher than covering the regular living expenses. If the average salary is to be considered in London, it can be €3,100 monthly even after tax. Other European cities also have average salaries, which are quite low. Suppose, in Amsterdam, the average take-home salary on a monthly basis is €2,906.

8. The right job

London is not just known for a good wage rate but also moving here for the job is worth it. Just the way living cost is high, the salary to cover the same is high as well. There are endless jobs cope in London, which is why you can always think of supporting yourself independently when you are here. It does not matter what is your field of education is, and there are different job scopes. To name some bankers, accountants, Real Estate, journalists, and even artists have reputable jobs that offer good pay.

9. The Neighbourhoods

Whether you call yourself a corporate Junkie, a hipster, or a fashion enthusiast, you can find the right spot for yourself in London that can match your needs and lifestyle. There is a different neighborhood that can be welcoming or can be the same as your living. Besides, the people here are wonderful. You may find them a little awkward initially, but as you explore them and indulge in a conversation with them, well, then there is no room for disappointment.

10. The clubbing space


For party animals, here is the good news! London is one of the best places to enjoy music and have fun at night. There are so many intense parties organized every day that you don’t have to wait for the weekend to arrive. Whether you are a gig lover or a concert, well London is the best place where you can be.

11. The diverse city of loving people

London is known to be a culturally diverse city where you will find Londoner’s beings genuinely nice. They can help you and even chat with you. If you come across the Londoners, you will realize that every person out there is an interesting character.


There are so many opportunities, things to do, and even lovely landmarks that probably would make you a fan of the city. The folks are friendly while the food is delicious, so you never go home with an empty stomach. If you have been planning to move to this city, then give it a try because there is no room for disappointment for sure.