Over 80 years after white chocolate release, experts from Barry Callebaut company announced that they developed brand new treat – ruby chocolate. It was something that shocked every chocoholic in the world. Quickly after the Shanghai event, pink chocolate was proclaimed as “4th type of chocolate”, and gained massive popularity.

Some people believe that the only natural thing about this product is color, while the flavor is a result of adding citric acid. According to SantaBarbaraChocolate experts, both color and flavor naturally exist in the ruby bean, but they can be unlocked by a secret process known only by Callebaut company.

Nevertheless, the ruby chocolate is the greatest sweets hit of recent years, and in this article, you will find interesting facts about this pink treat that you didn’t know.

This unconventional dainty has been in development for over ten years. During refinement and numerous experiments, specialists of Barry Callebaut, a giant chocolate manufacturer, finally managed to obtain the pink chocolate out of the ruby cocoa bean.

The company describes the product flavor as “a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness”; however, keep in mind that no real berries are added. If you haven’t tried it yet, prepare for a unique experience, as it tastes much different than any chocolate you’ve ever had.

7What is it made of?


Pink chocolate is made from beans that only grow in 3 countries – Ivory Coast, Brazil and Ecuador. According to Peter Boone, CEO of Barry Callebaut, no flavorings, coloring or any other additives are used in the ruby chocolate production. They all come out purely from the bean.

6Uncertain beans origin


Some people claim that “ruby beans” are genetically modified. One of them is Megan Giller, food writer, who said that no chocolate experts that she knows, ever heard of ruby beans before. She believes that ruby chocolate is made from the genetically modified bean, most likely CCN-51. We don’t know what’s the truth, but Barry Callebaut denies all information like that and claims that their bins are 100% natural.

According to another popular theory, pink chocolate isn’t made from ruby beans, but from standard, unfermented cocoa beans, and this is what gives the chocolate characteristic, pink color. Which version is true? We won’t find out unless the company decides to reveal the truth about the real chocolate-making process.

5Outstanding look


In the era of colorful food on social media, ruby chocolate became successful in a very short amount of time. When you eat food, you use olfaction and sight senses on top of your sense of taste. It’s how our brain works.

And it’s one of the reasons for ruby chocolate success. It’s not only tasty. It smells nice, and it looks beautiful on the pictures. People love colorful food, and because of the original tint, and the fact that ruby chocolate is absolutely natural, it perfectly fits in the recent food trends.

4How can you use it?


Ruby chocolate, just like dark, milk and white types, have many practical uses. It’s possible to make cookies, cakes and even mousse out of it. Although the pink color looks extraordinary, it’s impossible to retain it, when you use the chocolate in cooking, because in this case, it turns into greyish pink color.

3Where should you store it?


Pink chocolate is sensitive to sunlight, humidity, and air. This treat color might change or fade if you won’t eliminate these factors. That’s why it’s necessary to store it properly. It’s best to hide it in a dark, cool area in an opaque, hermetic container.

2What can you pair ruby chocolate with?


You can mix chocolate with a lot of things. Like they say, “the only limitation is your imagination”. The list of food that pairs well with ruby chocolate is long. According to the creators, except the things you’d normally pair your chocolate with, you can also use it with many, many things, including curry, pepper, coconut, camembert, algae, fruity beer or even wasabi.

1Where can you get it?


Nestle is the first company that started using pink chocolate in mass production. They introduced ruby Kit Kat bars in Canada and a few European and Asian countries. So far, ruby chocolate isn’t purchasable everywhere. Still, it’s already available in more than 40 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and many more. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes worldwide known sweet that people will love.

Ruby chocolate is a recently introduced type of chocolate created by the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world. It’s an innovative treat, which quickly became popular, because of its original look, and tasty flavor. If you have never tried it, but you’re chocoholic – you should get it as soon as possible. Try it, and maybe you will prefer ruby chocolate to dark, milk or white types.