Hiring a law firm for your business can be one of your most important decisions. It can be critical in protecting your business from legal pitfalls and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Before hiring a law firm, finding one that is professional and compatible with your needs as a business owner is critical. The right law firm will invest time and resources into your business, making it easier for them to intercept and solve legal issues before they become costly legal matters.

Legal Advice


Hiring a law firm to represent your business is an essential step in maintaining the health and success of your business. A good law firm such as Hassett & George will help you and your business tackle legal issues and proactively intercept them before they become costly litigation.

Having an experienced attorney in-house can save your business time and money because they are already familiar with the legal issues that may arise. They can also help you draft new contracts and deal with internal disputes.

When choosing a law firm, ensure they are dedicated to serving your needs. Look for attorneys knowledgeable in entity formation, contracts, employment matters, real estate and construction, taxation and collection, and dispute resolution.

Dispute Resolution


Disagreements are inevitable for any business, but knowing how to deal with them is essential. There are various ways to resolve disputes, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

If you are still determining which method of dispute resolution is best for your situation, it is essential to hire an experienced lawyer to help you understand the process.

Dispute resolution methods are often more cost-effective than litigation and can be less formal and time-consuming than court proceedings.

These methods can include a phone call, settlement conference, and mediation. Pursuing litigation may be necessary if the more informal dispute resolution methods are unsuccessful.

Document Drafting

A law firm’s specialized legal expertise can help you avoid costly mistakes and save your company time, money, and resources. They may also be able to intercept problems before they become a significant legal issues.

Hiring a law firm committed to your business could be one of the best decisions you make for your company. These firms will take the time to learn about your industry and form a long-term relationship with you.

Document drafting lawyers prepare legal documents such as contracts, nondisclosure agreements, wills, and trust deeds. They must understand legal concepts and laws and have strong written and verbal communication skills.



Regarding litigation, hiring a law firm that wants a long-term relationship with your business is essential. That way, they can invest their time into learning your company’s specific legal issues and concerns.

Litigation is the process of resolving disputes that involve court proceedings or a tribunal. It can take many months or years to settle a case.

This is mainly because much evidence is required to win a dispute. It also requires extensive preparation for a trial.


Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution where the parties agree to hear their case by an impartial third party rather than taking it to court. The result is an award that is binding, much like a court order.

The arbitration process can be governed by the parties’ agreement or a set of rules that may be agreed upon by all parties and the arbitrator. The procedure will be designed to meet the specific needs of the particular dispute, and it will generally include the disclosure of documents and the cross-examination of witnesses.

Often, arbitration proceedings will be shorter and less formal than litigation. This is especially the case where a technical subject is concerned.