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The pandemic has changed things for many businesses including the ones that offer home services. These companies had to figure out inventive ways to serve people, and the following are a few examples of what home services companies have changed.

1. Landscaping

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Businesses that want to get through these times have to modify the way they do business. Sure, some folks don’t seem to take the pandemic seriously enough, but a business can’t predict who called them. To be safe, the best thing a business can do is take precautions now. Landscaping companies, for example, are one of many types of companies that had to modify things a bit.

To offer an estimate, companies are now sending just one specialist. There are times when several folks are sent to give the homeowner an estimate. This is necessary to do the job quickly, but to keep customers safe, only one person is sent now. Landscaping companies have also required employees to stay home if they feel sick. They are told to wear masks and gloves to be safe.

2. Home Cleaning

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At the moment, home cleaning services are on the rise. A lot of homeowners want to feel like their home is as safe as possible. Experts don’t really understand the pandemic since it is new, yet people should still take suggestions. Some have reported that the virus might be able to travel into a home by a person’s shoes.

Having a good home cleaning crew with you to help keep your home safe and clean is of the utmost importance. Still, the pandemic has people feeling a little uneasy about letting folks into their homes. This is something home cleaning services know and are taking smarter steps. Some of these companies require masks, gloves, and even face shields. The cleaning crews are smaller; sometimes, it may just be one person. Payments are encouraged to be made online for everyone’s safety.

3. Moving Company

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Life has to go on even in a pandemic, and one of the more challenging tasks comes when a family needs to move. Whether it’s a move across a city or a lengthier move across state lines, families need to be able to make this move with peace of mind.

As a result, moving companies like Allied are making changes to give their customers a trustworthy move that keeps their families safe. Moving companies understand these concerns, and have put in place protocols to keep their employees healthy, to disinfect your belongings before and after the move, and to reduce unnecessary contact with others or your family. Social distancing is possible during a move, and these movers are doing their best to meet all protocols to ensure your family remains healthy.

Movers are also wearing protective gear like gloves, masks, and even face shields. The work can be scheduled on a day you won’t be there to reduce contact. Meetings with your movers can happen through video chats instead of face to face meetings. Moving trucks are sanitized before a new job, and employees must wash their hands often.

4. Plumbing

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Homeowners may have to call plumbers, and if you happen to be in that position, you probably want to make sure the company is taking this issue seriously. You want a plumber who takes precautions before each job to protect you and your family. Each company is responding differently, but there are a few general changes you can expect from a plumbing company.

One of those changes deals with the handshake. These folks are used to shaking customers’ hands at some point during the job. This is no longer happening to help keep you safe. Each plumber is wearing protective gear and is washing their hands often. All areas touched in your home are going to be disinfected before the plumber leaves your house. After all, the likelihood that this plumber will be in areas your family frequents is pretty high.

5. Electrician

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A lot of folks are working from home right now or are simply at home more often because of this problem. This means you are probably using your electricity more often. All this pressure on your system could expose weaknesses you didn’t know you had. Of course, you could simply have an electrical problem you need help with.

You want to know a company is doing its part to ensure your family is safe during the service. Good electricians are monitoring the current pandemic and any potential signs of trouble. Any electrician displaying symptoms is quarantined and tested before this person returns to work. Electricians are also practicing social distancing and wearing protective gear. These folks wear new shoe covers for every visit and disinfect all areas where they work to keep you safe.

6. Exterminators

The world may be shut down and practicing social distancing, but no one has told this to pests. Insects and other pests can still make their way into your home, and you don’t want these unwanted visitors. If you happen to discover some of these in your home, you might be dealing with an infestation. You’ll have to talk to an exterminator as soon as possible.

If you don’t think you have an infestation, you could have an exterminator inspect your home to see if there are any problem areas that insects or other pests could exploit. The only thing you have to worry about is making sure these folks are taking this issue seriously. You should expect to see these individuals following CDC guidelines like wearing masks, face shields, and gloves. Exterminators can sometimes go the extra mile and wear respirators and have shoe coverings. They’ll also use disposable cloths and bags to safely dispose of what they use.

These are some things you can expect from companies that offer essential home services. You can talk to the company you are thinking of hiring directly to see what other steps they’ve taken to keep you safe.