Going into 2024, you can expect to see more graphic tees than ever before. The trend is riding a wave of popularity, but the content of the graphic tees may be changing.

Here are some of the trendiest and most impactful designs you may begin to see on graphic tees.

1. Retro Designs


According to a Black pride apparel brand, retro is always in style, but retro-styled graphic tees are going to be all the rage this year. Vintage and nostalgia-driven styles may include a faded look, identifiable patterns like the retro sunset background, or a dated script tied to past decades. However you want to represent it, retro designs are coming back. Graphic tees are just one of the ways they can shine.

2. Comic Book Styles


Comic books have been in style for a while now, and with the rise of superheroes in popular culture we can only expect that to grow. However, comic book graphic tees may be only loosely tied to superhero culture. The emphasis here is on the style itself more than the content. Expect to see lots of comic book-themed options

3. Minimalistic Designs


Minimalism is one of the biggest trends right now, and it has been for a few years. Minimalist tees usually represent ideas with monochrome color palettes, simple shapes, and abstract ideas. Independent makers are cashing in on this trend, using designs with solid but fluid strokes and strong realized design concepts. Expect to pick up a few minimalistic tees for your wardrobe this year.

4. Statement T-Shirts


Now is the time to have your voice heard. Statement tees that support a wide range of political and social issues are on the rise, making strong statements a definite style choice for the coming year. Tees make it easy to express ourselves without being passive, and they are especially useful when the issues are complex and difficult to solve.

Statement tees may support feminism, political change, human rights, social issues, or empower certain groups. This leads us to…

5. Black Empowerment Shirts

The message of the year is simple: Black is beautiful. Current social climates and rising awareness of systemic issues have brought Black empowerment shirts to the forefront of popular styles.

There are a host of messages, graphics types, and other options available to spread these powerful messages. Get a shirt that proudly supports Blackness, and choose allied message apparel to show solidarity.

6. Aesthetic Tees


Style the past few years has been all about aesthetics, so expect a lot more aesthetic-driven shirts to crop up this year.

Popular options are cottagecore and rainbowcore. These designs are understated and express a simple idea that helps promote a pleasing aesthetic. Once a staple of internet image boards, these styles are quickly becoming more common and accepted.

7. Crypto Concepts


Anyone who has followed the news for the last year understands that cryptocurrency is a big talking point lately. With so many cryptocurrencies and so much talk about NFTs, be prepared to find more people wearing shirts supporting their favorite crypto concepts in the form of graphic tees.

8. Simple and Powerful


Some complex styles are coming to 2024. However, one of the most unique and important styles will be subtle but extremely potent. Simple and powerful graphic clothing is going to be a huge thing in the coming year.

This means simple messages, idea-inspired graphics, and subtle nods to important messages. Keep an eye on the subtext of any given graphic design this year, as there will probably be deeper meaning everywhere.

9. Japanese-Inspired Art


Japanese art is hitting the mainstream, so art from and inspired by Japan is making a big move to popular trends. Expect any graphic that includes cherry blossoms, pagodas, or other obvious Japanese styles and landmarks. This art is often characterized by simple, soft colors, minimal shading, and the kanji characters that make up the written Japanese language.


Graphic clothing is going to get a full makeover for the coming year, so be prepared to update your closet with the latest trends. Style these graphic clothing pieces well. You can upscale them with layers, different textures, and cool accessories to get the point across. However you choose to wear them, it’s going to be a very colorful year.