Bingo calls are an important part of the game. In fact, they are one of the reasons why the game is so popular amongst players around the world. They are not only practical as they facilitate telling the numbers apart in a bingo hall, but they also add a bit of humor to the game. There are many different types of bingo calls, even at Umbingo.

What are bingo calls?

There are 90 numbers on the bingo board. In a traditional bingo hall, when there are many people around, it can be difficult to tell which number is being announced. What’s more some numbers sound similar. That’s why bingo calls were introduced.

Each of the 90 numbers has its own nickname. There exists a list of traditional bingo calls, but it is a common practice for bingo halls and players to come up with new ideas. As long as it is understood by the audience, a bingo nickname can have many forms.

2. Types of bingo calls

Most of the bingo nicknames are based on rhymes. More than 50 of the 90 bingo calls rhyme. That makes them more memorable and fun. In addition to that, there are nicknames that have cultural or historic references. There are also some based on shape, which describes what the numbers look like.

3. Why use funny bingo calls?

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A lot of bingo calls are meant to be funny. If they make people laugh, the game becomes more entertaining. Funny bingo calls allow players to relax and not feel stressed about the outcome of the game. Funny nicknames create a friendly atmosphere, and thanks to the people play bingo for enjoyment, instead of playing to win. Moreover, if a bingo call is funny, the players will remember it more easily.

4. Examples of funny bingo calls

Bingo nicknames constantly evolve. Some of them become outdated as the younger generations no longer understand the historic or cultural meanings behind them. Similarly, what people consider to be funny changes. Nevertheless, some of the iconic funny bingo calls are still being used. Below you can find a list of them with numbers they represent.

  • 15 – Young and Keen, this bingo call reminds all players of their teenage years.
  • 22 – Two Little Ducks, this nickname represents what the number looks like.
  • 42 – Winnie-the-Pooh, this bingo call not only rhymes, but it also refers to the adorable teddy bear who loves honey and is very popular around the world.
  • 65 – Old Age Pension, this one is rather self-explanatory. While some might get offended that 65 is referred to as old age, it undoubtedly is a funny bingo call.
  • 83 – Time for Tea, all the British players will get this cultural reference as this bingo call talks about the popular custom of drinking tea in the afternoon in the UK.
  • 88 – Two Fat Ladies, this bingo call says the number 88 looks like two fat ladies. Some people think it is slightly offensive, but it for sure is accurate and funny.
  • 8 – The garden gate. The nickname given to this number denotes a spot where people regularly meet. This bingo call is also famous as the point where the gang of smugglers or their members drop off.
  • 11- Legs. The nickname used for this number is very easy to remember since the two digits present in eleven look more like the pair of legs of humans.
  • 25 – Duck and Dive. Number two represents duck, and number 5 represents snake. People would like to dive out of their way of a snake, and hence it is given this nickname. Also, the nickname rhymes with the number.
  • 69 – Either way, it looks the same, and hence is referred to as ” Either Way Up” or the same both the ways. It is called so because even if each sixty-nine number is turned upside down, it will look the same.
  • 13 – Not Lucky for all. Just as seven is a lucky number for the majority, thirteen is a number that is not lucky for all. Even many countries consider thirteen as an unlucky number. A few hotels and airlines are also believed to skip the thirteenth row or the floor to stay safe. This is generally done to avoid any bad luck.
  • 14 – Valentine’s Day. Men are often forgetful, and hence this phrase is a little reminder for the gentlemen playing bingo so that they don’t forget that 14th Feb is Valentine’s Day.
  • 16 – This call corresponds to Sweet 16. The sixteenth birthday is one of the most important days for a teenage girl, just like quinceñera. This number denotes a special milestone in a girl’s life.
  • 19 – Goodbye To Teen Years. Just as 16th birthday is sweet since we enter youth, 19 is when people say goodbye to their teenage years and enter adulthood.

Bingo Callers Are Now Moving Online

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The popularity of bingo is rising all around the world. When players log in to play bingo, they can chat with people from across the globe. These nicknames help to form a connection with people. These names help people share their bingo sayings and compare their notes to see who has the weirdest and the most original nicknames.

Why Do Bingo Calls Rhyme?

Most of the bingo calls rhyme with the actual number. These bingo calls originated in London back in the 20th century and these nicknames were mainly used to pass secret messages. Thus, these rhyming words were used as they are easy to remember. However, with time some of these names have changed.

Final Word

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These nicknames are also known as the “bingo lingo.” They help to create a sense of community among the world’s players. While playing bingo, people, along with competing against one another, use these nicknames to have fun. Bingo calls have a perfect blend of rhymings, puns, and slangs. All 90 of these calls denote some or the other cultural references. The use of these bingo calls has made the game of bingo increasingly famous among the mass.