Scented candles are a classic, comforting gift that friends will appreciate year-round. When choosing a scented candle for a friend, you’ll want to select something meaningful that suits their taste and personality.

Follow these tips to find the perfect scented candle gift to show your friend just how much you care.

Take Note of Their Favorite Scents

Pay attention to the types of smells your friend regularly enjoys, whether it’s fruity, floral, warm, spicy, or fresh scents. Knowing their go-to fragrances will help you determine if they’d prefer candles with single note aromas like vanilla or lavender, or more complex blended scents like blackberry sage or mahogany teakwood.

If they often wear a specific perfume or use certain aromatic products, look for a candle that replicates that scent profile. Or, for best friends, consider a matching set of scented candles in complementary fragrances you can both enjoy when spending time together.

Consider Lifestyle and Décor

Think about your friend’s lifestyle and home décor taste when selecting a candle, just as you would if you were buying them any other gift for their space. For example, earthy candle scents like sandalwood or eucalyptus suit laid-back bohemian styles, while floral and fruity aromas complement those with feminine cottagecore or vintage décor.

Also, consider if they live in a smaller apartment that needs lighter scents or a larger home that can handle bolder candle fragrances. Ensuring the candle suits their space and design aesthetic makes the gift more personal.

Include Meaningful Custom Details

Many scented candle brands offer customization options that can add sentimental value to your gift. Consider personalizing their candle with their name, initials, or a special date or quote. Or look for candles with decorative details that relate to their hobbies, interests, or favorite animals.

You can also make the gift extra fun and friend-centric by creating a whole personalized scented candle gift set. Include a snuggly blanket, cozy socks, gourmet coffee or tea bags, and a book, playlist, or magazine to enjoy while they burn their special candle.

Research Eco-Friendly and Charitable Candles

Today more brands create candles with eco-friendly and charitable focuses. Look for soy, beeswax, or vegetable wax candles that are non-toxic and reuse recycled materials. Or choose candles where a percentage of sales support causes important to your friend, whether that’s animal rescue, clean oceans, or feeding the hungry.

Supporting small businesses and female or minority-owned candle brands could appeal to friends who prioritize buying local and uplifting communities. And if your friend prefers making their own goods, gift them candle-making kits and supplies to create their own signature scents.

Present Their Candle Gift Thoughtfully

While it’s the scent that matters most, take time to make your scented candle gift’s presentation memorable too. Opt for a decorative gift box, or wrap the candle in tissue paper and tie it with ribbon. Include a heartfelt card explaining why you chose this specific candle scent to match their personality.

Plan a cozy night together to debut the candle over takeout dinner, baked treats, and music or movies you both enjoy. Seeing how much time and care you put into finding the ideal scented candle will mean as much to your friend as the gift itself.

When chosen with love, care, and personalization, a scented candle is much more than a decorative object – it’s a warming token of your friendship. With these tips, you’re sure to find a candle gift that pleasantly scents their space and reminds your special friends how much you treasure them all year long.