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They are the last generation of children to grow up in the era before the internet and technology, and at the same time use their full power for their personal development. They became able to work just at the time when the world fell into an economic crisis, which is why they had to fight for a job. This brought with it their other characteristics – freelancing, a longer stay in the parents’ house, postponement of marriage, chat communication. And why are chat sites so popular among millennials? We will try to find out.

Millennials – Dominant Work Force In Their Time And Space

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In recent years, there has been a strong desire for companies to adapt and adopt the values of millennials – which over time are becoming increasingly dominant in the labor market. Aware that the company’s future progress and achievement of strategic goals largely depend on attracting new generations of young and quality staff – it seems that employers have tripled their efforts to create the most receptive and pleasant working environment for the millennial generation above all. Although these changes are much more visible in companies in developed European countries and the United States – day by day we are witnessing changes in other, less developed parts of the world.

How Millennials Make An Influence In Work Communication?

Although e-mail is still a widespread form of communication, the so-called digital natives have brought with them many new platforms that have been adopted as the official form of communication in many firms. Because they see technology as their extended arm. Also, various channels on Snapchat, Facebook chat, have become a part of everyday life – and other older colleagues can only adapt to the newspaper daily. Instead of long meetings, they much prefer to use video conferencing, Skype, or similar platforms – that allow them to keep in touch with associates around the world without any problems. Also, the use of various tools that enable the content and monitoring of the performance of both teams and individuals is widespread.

Millennial Love Rules: “It’s Complicated”

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Although the millennial generation is destined to have everything – it seems to be a little harder for them when it comes to love. Since everything is quite accessible to them, both on social networks and in private life – they are no longer sure what the right choice is for them and what true love looks like. As a result of that – they often choose to stay single. As they are insecure when it comes to love, millennials follow certain rules to protect themselves from an emotional crisis or prevent someone from breaking their heart. This seems most feasible if you omit direct communication and that is why chat is one of the most powerful millennial weapons. Here are some of the basic rules of millennials communication which will explain why chat sites are so popular among them.

Why Are Chat Sites So Popular Among Millennials?

1. It’s nothing serious

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To avoid disappointment, millennials often convince themselves that their relationship is not serious – so as not to set high expectations in front of it, which could easily be betrayed. They also make it clear to their partner that everything between them is just a flirtation. According to – everything happens via chat and webcams. Distance serves as a guarantee that you won’t waste a lot of time (which millennials don’t like) – but also that you won’t be hurt. However, after a while, both sides slowly but surely start to feel butterflies in their stomachs.

2. They want to know clearly what they are up to

Since they live in a time of online love, in which chat is the basic form of communication – they often have no idea what the other party wanted to tell them with a message. That is why when the relationship becomes a little more serious, they insist on an open conversation – because they do not want to be confused and remain vague.

3. They value their independence

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Millennials are a generation in which their independence and autonomy, in every segment of life, comes first. They do not want anyone to interfere in their decisions – and especially do not want to depend on their partner. That is why one of their basic rules, when it comes to relationships, is that their partner respects their independence.

4. They want a challenge next to them

In addition to wanting an equal relationship with their partner, they also need a challenge. That is why they need to have a partner next to them who can match them on an intellectual and physical level – so that sexual and verbal tension between them will constantly wake up sleeping butterflies in their stomachs.

5. The most important rule in their relationship is equality

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They believe that both partners must be equal in love, obligations, finances, and making important decisions. Only in that way will they motivate each other for progress and support. Equality is synonymous with a successful millennial relationship. When they set their own rules for their partner, and they both start to work hard to make the relationship last – millennials begin to realize that love is not as complicated as it seemed. At that moment, they are ready to open up and indulge in a whirlwind of emotions, and nothing seems complicated anymore.

Millennial Love At First Chat

Skeptics believe that there can be no love because, supposedly – lovers do not know who is really on the other side of the screen. Regardless of the frequency of messages – all we see and know about the person on the other side of the screen is his or her chat message. There is a saying that words are given to a person so that he can better hide his thoughts. While for some the Internet opens the door to freedom of expression, honesty, and courage, for others it provides an opportunity for deception, lies, and tricks. For most, love through this medium is not real. They believe that the feelings that awaken are the result of imagination and skillfully composed phrases. Because, we can’t fall in love without visual and audio stimulation, that is. Without physical presence. Is that so? Millennials claim it is not.