Saturday night is, you have already completed most of the work responsibilities that you had during the day. But what to do now with the rest of your free time? Do not look forward to going out with your friends in a cafe or club to party until the early hours of the morning, because there is still a huge risk of contracting the virus. How can you fill this free time? Our suggestion is to visit an online casino, which is guaranteed to fill your free time. You can play poker, blackjack, or turn the handle on one of the slot machines, at the same time you will have maximum fun and you will have a chance to win a modest cash prize.

Casinos have, for years, been one of the best ways to entertain ourselves, and are number one on the list as a way to have fun and fill your pocket with more money. If you are a beginner you are probably familiar with all the rules that apply in the gambling business. Surely you know the rules of the game of one of the best casino games out there. Today we have prepared a special topic for you, which few beginners who enter the world of casinos know. It is about casino house edge. You’ve never heard of this before, have you? Okay, then we’ll try to explain this term to you as best we can. Here are some things you need to know about this term.

1. What is a Casino House Edge?


Surely you have often heard the saying, the house always wins. Well, dear readers, beginners, and professionals, this in most cases proved to be true, it is true that the house, ie the casino always wins. Even if you have all the luck in this world, you will have no chance against the casino house edge. Why? House edge is a kind of mathematical advantage that a casino house has, and it is implemented through software that brings you well-known games such as poker, roulette, baccarat, and the like. But that does not mean you have no chance of winning. The fact that the house has a small advantage does not mean that your luck will fail, but on the contrary, the luck you have and the skills will help you beat the house.

2. Does this count as cheating by the casino, is it against the rules?


Of course not, this does not count as cheating, as this information is shared by the casinos in public. Almost every casino on their official site has posted what the edge of the games is, and if you do a little research you will notice this.

The house edge works in the long run, which is the most important thing for a casino house. In the short run, individuals may be able to win some of the games, but in the long run, the casino is always the winner. After all, that is why they still exist, what would happen if the players are always the winners, today we would certainly not have casinos because it would not be profitable for them to exist.

3. Which casino games have the lowest house edge?


We did the necessary research for you, and in conclusion, we got the results we expected. The value of house edge is more or less the same in all online casinos. House edge is sometimes designated by software providers, and can also be designated by the house. As mentioned earlier, almost all games are subject to the house edge, but which online games have the lowest rates?

On the list of games with the lowest odds, you can find poker starting at 0.46% and its rate may depend on the stakes, roulette which depending on whether it is American or European can have a rate of 2.7% up to 5.26% house edge. Blackjack is one of the games with the lowest rate starting at 0.5%. Slots also have a very big role in the value of bets and winnings, so the edge can vary from 2% to 15%, and sometimes this rate can be very dependent on the one who created the software.

4. Is there any chance to outwit the house and take victory?


Even the greatest minds could not outsmart the house edge. This is a kind of protection, ie a kind of guarantee that online casinos have to guarantee their stability and to have a profit in the long run. The only way to have a good chance against the house edge is to make a game strategy, for example when it comes to poker, and just try to follow the rules given to you by the house. These two things are crucial in being part of those who beat the house. And besides these two things you will need a huge amount of luck, so I hope at least that luck will be on your side if you do not have a good strategy.

I hope we have at least a little bit to explain to you how things are with casino house edge, and how it works. If you finally understand how things are, now is the time to start playing. Choose a casino that offers you the lowest rate of the house edge, and try to be one of those who managed to win against the house. If you do not know where to find low-edge casinos, we suggest you visit On this website, you will be able to find casinos that offer a low edge and offer you a huge chance of winning. Do not forget to register, and with that, you will become the winner of a bonus with which you can start playing. Since it is time for the Christmas holidays, you have a chance to win a bonus on this occasion. If you click on the link, you will be additionally informed about all the rules of the game, which are the best-rated casinos, how to withdraw money, ways to get a no deposit bonus, and much more.

All you have to do in the end is to choose the game that has the lowest edge and choose the ideal casino to play. Take advantage of the bonuses offered, and enjoy trying to beat the house because if you succeed, it is one of the best feelings.