It is hard to find a person who would not like to be happy. This topic is especially relevant in conditions of the situation due to the coronavirus with all its restrictions, which brings a high level of uncertainty into life. The good news is that happiness is an art that can be learned.

1. Stop comparing yourself to other people

It is important for people to have standards in order to evaluate themselves, their judgments and their abilities. That is why we often compare ourselves to those around us. But there is a risk of overestimating yourself, feeling superiority over others or vice versa. The best option is to compare yourself in the present with yourself in the past and think about whom you want to be in the future.

2. Get enough sleep and eat right

This is the basis of everything. Like it or not, a human is biosocial by nature. Hormones, biorhythms and nutrients are the foundation of our physical health, psychological well-being, and therefore happiness. Adjust your nutrition, get enough sleep and your body will thank you with good health.

3. Set goals and achieve them

Motivation is the activity of certain areas of the brain, the so-called reward system. When we set ourselves goals and achieve them, a certain hormone is secreted. We feel good and want to repeat a successful strategy.

Set small goals for yourself, reach them, cross them off the to-do list and get your dose of dopamine. Or, if you are not afraid to take the risk of setting and achieving a big goal, your brain will thank you a million times better!

5. Get a hobby

In addition to the main job and health, it is very important to have a hobby and do something interesting at your leisure. After all, one of the basic needs of people is the need to structure their time. Hobbies are time-filling and enjoyable.

Find a hobby that will bring you joy: dancing, singing, knitting, karaoke, guitar, boxing, running – whatever!

6. Practice balance in everything

On the one hand, this is a new trend in food, clothing and lifestyle. On the other hand, it is a great chance to understand for ourselves that by choosing less with better quality, we can stop the race for something insignificant. Consciously make a choice with what will surround you and, as a result, find an inner balance. Try to focus on your desires, and not what others impose on us. Choose quality over quantity.

7. Do not pursue happiness

The paradox of happiness is that the conscious pursuit of it is fundamentally incompatible with the very nature of happiness. True happiness comes from actions that are valuable to you. Get out into fresh air. Remember what you can be grateful for the past day. Stretch. Go for a walk. Invite your friends over.

Find new meanings and solutions in a difficult situation. Happiness is everywhere. In order to be successful in the modern world, you need to work hard. For someone, happiness is a family, a big house and three dogs.

For someone – moving to Dubai, having a good job and a personal car assistant as, or even a rental one. Everything in this world is relative and all people have their own desires. The main thing is to be happy at this particular moment of your life.

8. Compare yourself to yourself and change

Observe what the best you did today compared to yesterday and stop being jealous, after all. Get high on your personal change! Make it a habit to get better at something: do your work faster, run 500 meters longer, wake up 10 minutes earlier, not quarrel with someone with whom you quarrel constantly, eat a little cleaner.

There’s no need to chase after outstanding results, you run the risk of burning out quickly and falling into self-injury. How do you learn to be happy if you’re too lazy to make even the small victories that make progress?

9. Record your progress


Don’t be lazy to take 10 minutes once a week to take stock of that week, focusing on what you’ve improved in. Any, even a small change for the better should happen and be documented! Moreover, learn to do this not only internally, but externally as well. We are accustomed to conceal our achievements: we’re afraid of the evil eye, afraid of a crooked word or a look.

But believe me: people who have something to be proud of, do not hesitate to speak openly about it. And, of course, they always accurately track their progress for themselves. This tip is by no means a tribute to fashion or a useless pastime, but an extremely important process for our brain, which teaches it to release serotonin when it achieves a better result, thereby motivating the “master” to do more and better.

Doing this exercise, many people are amazed at how much they have actually done and how much gratitude and respect for themselves they have lacked! And yet this is just a simple rationalization of one’s accomplishments, which nevertheless helps one be happier every day!

10. Create the best environment for yourself

Every person is a walking set of life strategies. And we happen to be directly dependent on the strategies of the people around us. It’s nearly impossible to be successful if you’re surrounded by losers; it’s hard to be smart if you’re surrounded by fools; you can forget about happiness if you’re surrounded by chronic whiners and masochists.

But of course, the environment can also be created consciously. To do so, you simply have to audit those with whom you interact on a regular (!) basis. If you find devaluing, chronically failing, or “toxic” people, start by asking yourself: why are you interacting with them at all? So you don’t get bored, so you can get their acceptance and envy, because it’s scary to push people away from you?

Think about how you can get this value in a different way and “shake up” this environment of yours, ridding it of those who do you nothing but harm. At the same time start the process of “background” acquaintance with new people, and with those to whose company you aspire. Preferably, these people represent the best role model for you in a particular life context.

P.S.: Of course, this is not about “eliminating” and “replacing” close friends. After all, if they are close, then they are already your best supportive environment!