Gone are the days when avid readers would never head out of libraries to explore a wealth of books. But it has become easier than ever to find any books all while sitting in the home. They can explore more resources and fill up their libraries with new gems and dip their heads into raving stories and folklore.

It gives readers butterflies in their stomachs to hear about having the latest release in their hands. And, thankfully, the internet has made it possible. It offers a wide range of platforms through which readers can buy books and can access and read them online.

But that is not it; there is more to it. Want to know? Check out some of the best websites that book enthusiasts swear by. But before that, grab your chair, get yourself a cup of hot coffee, and of all, check your internet connection. After all, if you’re reading the latest release online or even downloading it, it shouldn’t bother you at all.

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With that, let’s check out some of the amazing websites for book lovers:

1. Amazon Book Review

Amazon Book Review is one amazing platform to find out about new books. If you truly want to get good book content, then it has to be your top choice as it offers recommendations from celebrities and other credible readers.

Plus you get to check out the author interviews on the site, giving you a scoop of the authors speaking their heart out about their books and more. Additionally, you may check out Amazon’s Best Books of the Month to add new collections every month to your repository. Also, you get to see the lesser-known gems that you might never have on your radar.


2. Book Bub

If you want great books load up your Kindle, then you have got to look up on Book Hub. This super interesting website helps you get free and bargain bestsellers for Kindle, Nook, and more. Each day you get access to an extensive selection of ebooks from bestsellers to hidden gems.

You may add your interests and Book Hub will offer you handpicked ebooks to appeal to your taste. Plus, you may add the books you want on your wishlist and you will get an alert when it is discounted. What else do you want?

3. Book Riot

If you love reading just anything beyond literature, then Book Riot is the website you should definitely check out. It is one of the popular editorial book sites that offers a bulk of media, from podcasts to newsletters and more. So, no matter what genre you like, you will find something that will pique your interest.

But if you are only interested in reading books, then know that Book Riot is a leading destination for new books. You will find all areas of reading and has an amazing range of authors and genres to choose from.

4. Literary Hub

Literary Hub is another exceptional website that will have readers glued to its interface. It offers engaging and entertaining content about books. In addition, it regularly offers new excerpts from books and an editorial feature from its partners around the world, such as journals, bookstores, publishers, etc.


5. Brain Pickings

Stop by Brain Pickings if you crave engraving essays about books. This website offers a plethora of thought-provoking writings that push you mentally and emotionally. What’s more, you will find literary criticism, blacklist coverage, and a newsletter.

6. Bustle Books

Whether you are looking for new book discovery or essays about books, then Bustle Books has to be a choice. On top of that, it is designed for the women of the new age. It focuses on feminism and personal stories that resonate with women. Moreover, you may find fun articles on books, movies and TV adaptations, and more.

Bottom Line

If you are a bookworm and can’t help living without books, then you must check out the websites we have listed for you in the article. We are sure you will love them and have fun exploring something new, each day.