Cryptocurrencies are changing the world we know already. They are taking part in almost everything, not just the economy and banking systems. Today, we have crypto online casinos, sending and receiving payments for freelance services, and of course, the gaming industry is not an exception. Online casinos are somehow a part of the gaming industry since it covers a wide range of games, starting from usual puzzles, and ending with MMORPG.

Crypto gaming is a combination of online casino gaming, and wagers that are made with cryptocurrency. The opening for crypto gambling has allowed multiple forms of cryptocurrency such as the mainstream Bitcoin and Ethereum, to be used to fund wagers, as an alternative to typical fiat currency. Cryptocurrency has seen a huge demand within the gambling world, due to its seamless setup and transaction processing. Players can expect a secure gaming experience that prioritizes the customer and their needs so much more.


The gambler can choose to deposit cryptocurrencies but get paid in fiat money, or vice versa. Also, they can invest in cryptos, and get paid in cryptos, depending on their preferences. It gives the players an additional payment method, which makes the casino more attractive for them. They can be used in video games too, in many ways – to buy goods, or invest in carrying boosters to improve the overall performance.

Currently, the world of crypto gaming is vast with many different opportunities and routes to go down. You can enjoy the finest play to earn crypto games in 2024, by checking out JustGamers here. This article should guide you in the right direction, in terms of being more informed and selecting the best platforms for the experience you seek.

1. Why try crypto gaming?


Understanding how online gambling works with cryptocurrency is one thing, but why you should do it, is another. Crypto gaming makes a lot of sense for people who are already investing and have a cryptocurrency portfolio at their disposal. Cryptocurrency gives a lot of buying power to the user, as blockchain technology is completely decentralized from banking systems, meaning you have the security of an unhackable system, as well as complete anonymity. If you would like to hide your gambling activities as a whole, cryptocurrency would be the best way in doing so. Even though cryptocurrency gaming is fast advancing into something more than a niche, it still does not hold as large of command as typical fiat currency gambling and gaming. Nevertheless, more and more casinos are adapting to the new opportunities that blockchain is providing to online communities.

2. What do I need for crypto gaming?

To include crypto gaming into your gambling routine, you need to first have a digital wallet with some cryptocurrency in it. Usually, the way to go about it is to open a portfolio application within your mobile and invest in some cryptocurrency to have on-demand from your digital wallet. While cryptocurrency rises and falls with the market, many financial advisers believe there is still much to be had from this unsaturated market. Mainstream cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Cardano, etc. still have relatively low market caps, which suggest there is still so much to be had from them, with exponential growth. For this reason, it is better to invest in cryptocurrency, now rather than later.

To get started have the following ready for your crypto gaming opportunities:

  • A cryptocurrency wallet
  • An online gambling site account that caters to crypto gaming
  • Smartphone device, tablet, or computer – to play

3. What are the risks associated with crypto gaming?


With anything that is new on the market, investing in it, will always come with risks. Cryptocurrencies exist outside of traditional banking systems, meaning the protections offered by banks would not be provided. However, this should not be a huge worry, as blockchain security systems are unique and very secure, due to the encryption that differentiates blockchain from major banking systems. It is the first of its kind, and it serves both merchants and consumers when performing transactions online.

Due to how blockchain technology works, every transaction creates a new block that is added to the network and validated before a transaction can be authorized. This system operates via a singular and unique contractual basis, making it compulsory for all transactions to be honored when initiated. Players who game online will be prioritized for protection when using cryptocurrency as their main form of payment.

How to understand the concept of crypto gaming?

Another thing you need to learn about the concept of cryptocurrencies is that their popularity has grown significantly since 2020. On the one hand, the world suffered from the pandemic, but at the same time, some industries got a chance to increase their revenues several times overnight.

Crypto gaming is much more than using cryptocurrencies to subscribe to a game or choose to buy items and goods with them. In fact, the concept of blockchain is being developed so that players at different stages can be rewarded according to their hard work.

These games are similar to the traditional ones, and the biggest difference is that you can trade items live with other players.

Also, the ability to make money while playing opens up a whole new world for all those players who, in a way, make a living from their gaming.

The number of crypto games is limited at the moment. The good news is that many gaming giants are already looking for a way to implement the concept of tokens in their games. Very often goods trading in games takes place through the purchase and sale of NFT, and the price varies.


NFT is not a cryptocurrency per se, although it is closely related to the Ethereum blockchain.

Thanks to these tokens, thousands of dollars are circulated through the games every day.

It is best if you are interested, to dedicate yourself to the theoretical knowledge on this topic. The risks are too great, as is any investment in the unknown. It is therefore very important to be prepared for any possible challenge, to follow the news, to read specialized blogs or profiles on social networks, and to try to learn as much as possible about cryptocurrencies.

Only then will you know if this concept suits you or is too risky.



Crypto gaming is proving itself to be more important for the future moving forward. Many players find security and protection of their best interests when using cryptocurrency to fund their online gaming. As more and more online gaming platforms open up to providing gamers access to funding their accounts with cryptocurrency, it poses a priority over traditional payment means from fiat currency. Crypto allows players to avoid fees and costs that come with currency conversions often associated with making deposits in casinos for example. It is very likely that we see a heavy pull and saturation toward crypto wallets, as time progresses forward.

We only have to wait, and be patient. Maybe one-day crypto games will be the basic concept of the whole industry, and we will only remember the usual video games as a part of some history, far behind us.