Hoi An is indeed one of the most magnificent cities of Vietnam, and what makes it more interesting is its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists love the feel of an old town as they explore the city and its hundreds of historic buildings. Located on the Thu Bon River, the city is home to old homes, alluring museums, and charming temples.

Moreover, what lures the tourists, even more, is the delicious local food scene of the scenic city.

There is no denying that Hoi An is indeed one of the most charming locations in Vietnam, and every kind of tourists can look forward to having a splendid time here. Hoi An is straightforward to access even though it has no train station or airport. That is because it is well connected to other cities via a good network of roads.

All one needs to do is make the bookings via a reliable transportation booking platform such as Bookaway. After all, it would help if you were sure that you would enjoy a great road trip serviced by a reliable tour operator. It is no wonder that Hoi An has fast become a favorite destination among locals as well as visitors to Vietnam.

Hoi An is loaded with gorgeous countryside and beautiful sights to see and explore. Here is a list of some of the most popular things to do in Hoi An and create incredible experiences.

9Visit the Tan Ky family house


Tan Ky family house was built in the 18th century and is one of the most important historical buildings in the city. A Vietnamese merchant family lived in a house that carries Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese architectural styles.

Look at the intricate details and decorations within the ornately decorated house and get an idea about how the wealthy merchants lived in the older eras of Vietnam.

8Walk around the Old Town and shop


It is fantastic that the city managed to escape the bombing during the Vietnam War, and this is why most of its ancient and beautiful buildings were spared. Explore the Old Town to admire the gorgeous architecture and browse for the local arts and handicrafts.

You will find some of the most beautiful products in those handicraft villages on the outskirts of the town. Shop for those items as they indeed make for excellent gifts or souvenirs.

7Cross the Japanese Bridge


You must visit the Japanese Bridge that s built in the 16th century and is the only one to house a Buddhist temple on the planet. The architectural style of the Bridge carries a distinctively Japanese character and remains a symbol of goodwill between Japanese and Chinese merchants.

6Gorge on Vietnamese foods


It is no wonder to see Hoi An looked upon as one of the food capitals in the country as the food you enjoy here excels in terms of variety and quality. It would help if you had those dumplings made from shrimps, translucent rice, and famous as white roses.

Other traditional Vietnamese dishes include Mi Quang noodles, BanXheo pancakes, and Vietnamese fusion cuisine. However, you can enjoy international and Vietnamese food on the streets at all times.

5Explore the lush countryside


As a vast green landscape surrounds Hoi An, it is a good idea to take a cycling and trekking tour around the city. The treks and trips will take you across lush greenery and rice paddies encircled by verdant hills dotted with charming villages.

The most beautiful locations are near the Nui Son Tra peninsula and Danang. Relax on any of those pristine beaches that you come across and enjoy the adventurous experience.

4Why not learn how to cook Vietnamese food?


Well, if you are so much in love with Vietnamese food, it is a good idea to take a cooking class from one of the popular cooking schools in the city. You can quickly learn to make some popular local dishes, and all you need to do is sign up for a class.

You would be taken to the local markets and given a live experience about how to choose the right ingredients used in Vietnamese cooking. Now you can become an expert in cooking Vietnamese pancakes, Vietnamese noodles as well as Vietnamese spring rolls!

3Vietnamese tea and coffee at a Tea House


Vietnamese Tea House is the best place to enjoy delicious Vietnamese coffee or tea with light snacks and cookies. Located in the Old Town, the site hires only deaf and physically impaired people, and this is what makes the experience even more special.

After all, this is a great way to give back to society and feel part of the community as you sip on the coffee. That is an activity that is unusual but highly recommended for the visitors and is indeed a special place where you can have some beautiful moments.

2A special trip to Hoi An Silk Village


Another must-visit spot to check out while you are in Hoi An is the Silk Village, which is well known for its ancient weaving techniques and beautiful silk pieces. Located in Quang Nam Province, the Hoi An Silk Village boasts of traditionally styled homes and expert artisans well known for their ancient techniques of weaving silk.

You can spend time with these artisans, see how they create the silks, and can even feed the silkworms. Go ahead and buy the silk pieces as they make for some great gifts.

1Sightsee the Lantern Market at night


Very close to Hoi An is the site of the most beautiful Lantern Market, where you will come across lanterns of all shapes, sizes, and colors. These lanterns are made of local silk, and one can even buy a light as a memory.

The night market of An Hoi is indeed well worth the trip and crossing the river. Those colorful lanterns are on display here every night, and one can come back with some beautiful memories of their journey to the night market.