Secret societies have been long drawing the attention of people, particularly conspiracy theorists; and of course, the Illuminati are no exception.

The notorious secret society is often associated with various dark and evil things, ranging from causing wars and revolutions to the concept of the “New World Order.”

As the Illuminati operate in ultimate secrecy, not much information about their activities is available to the public, which further urges common people and theorists to come up with their own presumptions and theories. Here are some of the strangest facts and secrets about the Illuminati.

9Who Are They?

Who Are They?

The name “Illuminati” is supposed to be associated with Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society that was active during the period of Enlightenment. The society was established back in 1776 on the 1st of May, and its objectives were to fight against the powerful influence of religion, superstition, political conservatism and exploitation of the power of authority.

8The Enlightened

The Enlightened

The word “Illuminati” comes from Latin, and its meaning is “enlightened,” suggesting that the members of this secret society were more educated and informed than other people. The society operated in ultimate secrecy and not everyone was able to join whenever they found it convenient.

7Adam Weishaupt

Adam Weishaupt

The founder of the society was Professor Adam Weishaupt, who used to teach at Ingolstadt University. The structure of Freemasonry was used as the basis of society. As the University was against Protestantism and everything that was too liberal, the professor wanted to establish a secret society whose members would devote themselves to promoting Enlightenment ideals.

6The Illuminati Were Outlawed

The Illuminati Were Outlawed

When both the Bavarian authorities and the Catholic Church realized what influence the Illuminati might possibly have, Karl Theodor, who ruled Germany at the time, created a new law in 1785 which proclaimed the organization illegal. In addition, all their documents were seized, which forced the Illuminati to operate in even greater secrecy.

5The Illuminati Class System

The Illuminati Class System

The Illuminati were divided into three classes back in 1782, which further defined their order. Class I was referred to as “The Nursery,” and its members were “Illuminatus minor,” “the Minerval,” and “the Noviciate.

” Class II was called “The Masonic Grades,” and it had three subclasses: “Companion,” “Apprentice,” and “Master.” Lastly, Class III was called “The Mysteries,” the higher of which involved the “King” and “Mage” whereas the lower involved the “Prince” and “Priest.”

4Did The Illuminati Survive?


At the beginning of the 1900s, a few theories and books emerged, suggesting that the Illuminati managed to survive underground.

Furthermore, a major theory speculated that the secret society organized and supported the French Revolution. The principal evidence for such a theory was the fact that both the Illuminati and the French Revolution had similar motives and goals.

3Do Thay Rule The World In Secret?


The Illuminati are rumored to be involved in every single aspect of society all over the globe. There are theories which state that the society controls the UN, NATO, the American government, Hollywood, Vatican City, and even the media.

Another theory claims that it’s not a coincidence that the signing of the US Declaration of Independence happened only two months after the secret society was established in 1776. Because of that, many speculate that some prominent members of the American government belong to society.



What enables the Illuminati to control the world is allegedly the fact that they hold all the money in their control. The world’s most successful banks and corporations are assumed to be linked with the establishment of the initial Bavarian Illuminati and therefore fund all the society’s activities.

1Eye Of Providence


The Illuminati are recognizable for their symbol – the “All-Seeing Eye,” located inside a triangle at the top of a pyramid which can be seen on a 1$ bill.

However, this was not the original symbol. The original Illuminati symbol included an owl, which represented knowledge and wisdom. The “Owl of Athena/Minerva” appeared for the first time in Roman myths before the Illuminati adopted it.