As any good LOSTie knows, the nigh-legendary show will be pulling up stakes and heading off into the sunset very soon. For 6 years it has kept us guessing at every twist and turn, eager to have questions answered, dreading the new questions, squealing like schoolgirls when we spot something hidden or out-guess the writers. Almost true to their word, the creators of Lost, Damon Lindleoff and Carlton Cuse, have been answering much of the mystery as they head inexorably towards the end. However, there are a few other questions they have not addressed that we would like to have answered before we bid adieu to the Island forever.



Question #1

Years ago, Damon and Carlton let slip that Jack (Matthew Fox) was slated to die in the 2nd or 3rd episode. The idea being that everyone watching would think Jack was being set up to be the big hero, center of the show, so that when he suddenly died it would be a huge shock and surprise, something the audience would simply not see coming.

However, one thing they have maintained for all these years is that the mythology of LOST is very carefully planned out, and has been since before the pilot episode. So the question is, who was supposed to be the hero? Over the course of the show, Jack has become one of the very few absolutely indispensible members of the cast… so whose place did he take? No other character on the show has the requisite personality to be the center like Jack, so maybe the question is: why did Lindleoff and Cuse make such an odd statement in the first place?

polar bear


Question #2

Early on in the show, the castaways encountered a horse (Kate) and a polar bear (Sawyer). Sawyer shot the polar bear, but where’s the horse? And for that matter, how did they get there in the first place? Oh, I hear you say “They were in those cages! You know, the ones that Sawyer and Kate got busy in (while Ben watched on camera (ew)). Man, any LOSTie knows that!” Okay fine, smarty-pants, but may I remind you that the cages were on the other island? Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were taken to the other island and thrown in those cages, but they encountered the animals on the main island. Me we just blinked when they explained about the underwater animals-only catwalk.

But while we are on this subject, there were more than a couple cages, so where are the animals that formerly resided the rest of them? We suspect this was another case of “Okay, we need to shock the viewers a little this week. I got it! Get me a polar bear!’ followed next season by “C?*p! Now we gotta explain the polar bear! I got it! Show some empty cages!” “Yeah, but why are there cages in the first place? What did they need with all these animals? Why did they set them loose? Why..” “THERE ARE EMPTY CAGES! That’s enough!” When in doubt, ignore the problem, words etched over the doors of every scriptwriter.

food drop


Question #3

Why did the food drops stop? Again, early on, there these care packages that just dropped out of the sky, presumably from a plane. Then they just stopped. Who was delivering them. Dharma? Then why did they stop? And if they were still dropping food for the workers, how did they not know the original workers were long dead? Surely there was a regular contact person. Somehow they (Dharma) must have been keeping tabs on the island, from time to time at least, or else what in the world would have been the point of the experiments? Exactly what kind of idiots run Dharma anyway?

And speaking of food, what kind of miracle ingredient did Dharma find to put in their beer? Sawyer pops open a can of many-years old beer that has been sitting in a VW transporter, basically a big metal box, baking in the tropical sun and not only does he not throw it right back up, he keeps drinking and is apparently unaffected in any way! Criminy, Budweiser puts an expiration date on their beer that is about 3 and a half months after bottling. This stuff was at least 10 times that old. Anheuser Busch needs this recipe.

charles widmore


Question #4

Charles Widdmore, the secondary villain of the show, wants the island badly. We know that. He is an incredibly rich, powerful, greedy man. We know that. So why couldn’t he just find out who was dropping the food and press them for information? If someone was dropping them food, then someone was funding the operation and money can be traced fairly easily, why did Widdmore need to go through so much hassle to find the island?

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