If you watch the Star Wars movies enough times then you’re bound to notice countless Easter-eggs and goof-ups. Many of these weird instances have become popular thanks to sharp-eyed geeks who discuss the subject for unhealthy periods of time online. Casual viewers probably don’t notice these moments during their first viewing. They are likely too engrossed in epic light saber battles, Slave Leia’s metal bikini and Jabba’s pointless cartoon freak-show.


The same movie that showed the fall of the Empire and Darth Vader’s dramatic redemption also featured this creature…for some reason


Han Cops a Feel

han cops

The things you missed when you were a kid but pay special attention to as an immature adult are quite interesting. For example, check out the following clip of Han Solo copping a feel on Princess Leia. This was something you likely didn’t pick up on as a hyperactive, popcorn gorged child…but you can bet dad caught it.


This brief moment of onscreen groping was likely the tamest interaction Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had while filming Return of the Jedi. Aside from numerous reports which claim the two had sloppy drunken space sex, there’s also the fact that Fisher herself outright admitted they had sloppy drunken space sex. As if Star Wars fans really needed another reason to think Han Solo was the man.


Hieroglyphics on the Rock Walls of Tatooine


Here’s an interesting find which can be spotted in A New Hope, after Luke is attacked by Tusken Raiders. There is one shot in particular where we can see what almost appears to be hieroglyphics just to the right of Luke’s landspeeder. These rock carvings add a cool sense of depth and mystery to the film. Honestly, we have no clue what the hell the symbols mean though. Shockingly there doesn’t seem to be much talk about this anywhere online. To make things even more puzzling it seems like there are even letters in there too.


Our guess is this may be the insane scribbling of a crew member who went mad from the blistering sun and hearing midgets scream “ootiiniii!” all day.


Sci-Fi Movie References

movie references

If there’s one thing the creators behind Star Wars had, it was a strong appreciation for the sci-fi genre. For example, during Watto’s junkyard scene in The Phantom Menace you’ll likely see some pretty cool stuff. That is, if you know what to look for. One such item is the space pod featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey. This famous sci-fi prop is evident when Qui-Gon and Watto walk through the junkyard. The pod is a small round transport which was originally used in Stanley Kubrick’s trippy 2001 film.

movie references1

Here’s a pic, in case you thought we were pulling your leg. We could also pull your arms off, Wookie internet writers are known to do that.

Supposedly the classic Robby the Robot also appears in Wattoo’s junkshop as well but by that point in Phantom Menace we are usually hitting the FF button rather heavily. Another cool sci-fi Easter-egg to look out for is the “Spinners”, or flying cars from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner movie. You can catch them in the same film during one of the night scenes on Coruscant. Blink and you’ll miss them.

movie references2

Careful or you’ll also miss several confusing plot points.


1138, 1138, 1138…We Get It!

get it

Star Wars has roots which can be traced back to George Lucas’ 1971 film THX 1138. Aside from philosophical influences and superficial similarities there are many numerical nods to Lucas’ earlier film throughout the Star Wars saga. For example, in A New Hope, during the cell block scene when Han and Luke are forced to explain Chewbacca’s presence, Luke states that he’s a prisoner being transferred from cellblock 1138.

get it1

Two seconds later, all kinds of awesome hell broke loose.

In Empire Strikes Back, when the rebels discover the presence of an Imperial droid on Hoth, the following orders are shouted; “Send Rogues 10 and 11 to Station three-eight.” However, it wasn’t just the original trilogy that referenced THX 1138. The prequel trilogy also got in on the love affair as well. Except much like everything in the prequels, the references were a bit more in your face.

get it2


Wait…are those Friggin’ ET’s in Star Wars?

star wars

Not content with simply placing references to 1138, Blade Runner and 2001, into his movies, Mr. Lucas took things one step further. As everyone probably knows, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are BFF’s. Back when Spielberg released E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, he made sure his movie featured some Star Wars figures and a child dressed as Yoda for Halloween. Naturally when Phantom Menace came out in 1999 Lucas decided to finally return the favor. He did so by featuring some of E.T.’s species in his prequel film. The creatures cameo can be spotted during the senate scene when there is a vote for no confidence. At the bottom left corner of the screen three delegates from E.T.’s planet are plainly visible.

star wars1

We’re giving readers way too many reasons to go back and watch Phantom Menace. For that we apologize.


The Tusken Raider Loop

raider loop

Fair warning, this is something that once you see you will never be able to un-see. Think about that and decide if you really want to continue reading this section.

We’ll wait.

Okay now that the wusses are gone let’s get into it. So, in the first of many scenes when Luke is getting his ass handed to him this “loop effect” takes place involving a Tusken Raider. What in God’s name are we talking about you ask? Well watch this clip and at 1:14 see if you can spot it…


Basically what happens is the Tusken Raider who knocks Luke to the ground only really raises his arms in celebration once. For dramatic purposes the footage was reversed, or looped, back and forth to help give the scene some more excitement. And yes, this was confirmed in the special features on the DVD.


Stormtrooper Clumsiness

stormtrooper clumsiness

Number one on our list involves some serious Stormtrooper stupidity. Looking back at the original trilogy with a critical eye, it seems like the troopers just weren’t as bad-ass as they were meant to be. For starters, their aim was about as accurate as a ninety-five year old man with cataracts trying to swat a fly with his balls…

stormtrooper clumsiness1

If the image above isn’t showing, be thankful you were spared.

One of the most humorous moments in the Star Wars saga, aside from the “acting” in the prequels, was when a trooper banged his head while entering a room in search of Luke and Han. Yeah, you may have seen this before, but fortunately it never gets old.


Thankfully George Lucas has a great sense of humor (which is evident by his casting of the charismatic Samuel L. Jackson for the role of a stale Jedi with zero personality). Instead of editing out the ridiculous trooper blunder he chose to have his team add in a comical sound effect to accompany the bump. To really solidify the inherent clumsiness of the troopers he even purposely added a moment in Attack of the Clones, where Jango Fett could be spotted bumping his head while boarding his ship. The inside-joke perhaps being that Jango, the original “clone template”, had passed his clumsy trait onto future generations of troopers. We get to see a bit more goofiness in Empire Strikes Back during the scene where Han is retuned to his cell after being tortured by Darth Vader. When the troopers dump Han onto the floor it appears they both have difficulty keeping their helmets secure. Most notably, the trooper on the right nearly loses his helmet altogether and simply walks out of the room with it looking awkwardly twisted. The idiocy begins at 9:00 minutes in…

And in case you don’t have the patience to skim through the clip, here’s a screen-cap of what we mean.

stormtrooper clumsiness2

We’re not sure what’s funnier. The troopers crooked helmets or the fact that Han looks totally wasted.

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