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Being sound asleep isn’t as calm and as peaceful as movies make it out to be. Every night, a countless number of people have some of the weirdest and most abnormal sleep habits that baffle scientists to this very day!

Let’s break down 7 of the weirdest sleeping habits that are a lot more common than you may think.

Sleep Paralysis

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One of the terrifying sleep habits is sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is effectively a state in which you wake up unable to move any part of your body. Some people even have hallucinations in which haunting figures are in the same room as them.

Contrary to popular speculations, sleep paralysis is nothing to do with evil spirits. In reality, sleep paralysis is simply a state in which your brain is awake before your body – which means that your body isn’t yet ready to function. Fortunately, sleep paralysis is utterly harmless despite how stressful it can be to experience them.

Night/Sleep Terrors

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Sticking to the topic of weird sleep habits, night, or sleep terrors is where a person experiences intense episodes of terror, screaming, and aggressive movements. Young children are most affected by night terrors, but it does sometimes occur in adults.

Night terrors can last between 2 and 20 minutes, typically caused by an overfull bladder, exhaustion, fever/illness, and excessive stress. If you are with someone who is experiencing night terrors, it is recommended that you avoid waking them up due to the fact the person may not recognize you – further adding stress and fear to the situation.


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Significantly less disturbing than the previous two sleep habits, snoring is when someone makes snorting sounds in their sleep. Snoring is generally harmless and nothing to worry about, even though they may be somewhat unflattering and annoying for anyone else in the same room.

Snoring is one of the most common sleep habits, typically caused by being overweight, drinking excessive alcohol, and certain medications. Even very soft pillows may increase the chances of snoring to occur.

If the sound of your partner or roommate snoring keeps you up and furious throughout the night, then a great way to deal with snoring is to use sleep headphones. For example, SmartifyLife is a sleep gadget related website that offers a wealth of information on smart headphones and how they can help to deal with snoring and enhance the quality of your sleep.

Talking In Your Sleep

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This sleeping habit is quite explanatory. This is where a person sleeps or mumbles in their sleep – whether it’s coherent sentences or just nonsense. Anyone who sleep talk won’t remember it occurring the following morning.

The most common factors that influence sleep talking is a significant lack of sleep, major stress, excessive alcohol consumption, and an illness. Although we understand what influences sleep talking, nobody truly knows why it happens or what brain activity causes the phenomenon.

Walking In Your Sleep

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Just as you can talk in your sleep, you can also walk in your sleep too. People who sleepwalk will literally get out of there bed and walk around the house, without any recollection of it the following morning.

It is believed that sleepwalking is most commonly walking by excessive alcohol consumption, being sick, extreme fatigue, and side effects from certain medications. If you haven’t’ noticed yet, sleep habits tend to have very similar causes.

Exploding Head Syndrome

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One of the most bizarre sleep conditions is ‘Exploding Head Syndrome‘. This is when a person wakes up to an extremely loud noise, such as an exposition, a gunshot, or thunder. In reality, any noise that they may think they heard was all in their head – incredibly stressful for those who suffer from the condition.

In terms of what causes the condition, it is believed that ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ is caused by extreme mental or physical exhaustion, major stress levels, and illness.

The Feeling of Falling

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One of the most famous and well-known sleep habits is waking up to the frightening feeling of falling. This sleeping habit occurs after a person has fallen asleep, but before their body is paralyzed. This means that if they have a dream where they fall from a great height, their bodies will react in real life as if they were.

Unsurprisingly, the most common causes of this sleep habit are mental and physical exhaustion, significant stress levels, and being ill.

Those were 7 of the strangest and most fascinating sleep habits. Getting a great night of sleep is essential to receive adequate rest to prepare you for daily activities. Thus, if you are affected by some of these sleep habits and conditions yourself, then a great idea would be to see a doctor who can give you sound medical advice and support.