Whenever you take a business trip or vacation you need to find a good hotel to stay in. Most people prefer to find regular lodging, but after awhile the majority of hotels all start to feel the same. If you’re bored of traditional hotels and are feeling adventurous you can try staying in one of these seven weird hotels, which are designed to make your visit feel unique and memorable.


Dog Bark Park Inn

If you’re visiting Cottonwood, Idaho you can stay at the Dog Bark Park Inn, which is built in the shape of a giant beagle. The rooms are filled with dog decorations, guests are fed dog shaped cookies, the gift shop sells all sorts of dog related products and you’ll even use an outhouse disguised as a giant fire hydrant. With room for only four people at a time this bed and breakfast is marketed towards families and dog lovers.

dog bark park inn



Null Stern Hotel

Null Stern is an abandoned Swiss nuclear shelter that’s been converted into a hotel. “Null Stern” translates to “zero star”, and that rating is earned because guests don’t get much more than a bed and hot water. You’ll even have to share your room with up to six other people. On the plus side a night only costs ten dollars, but this hotel isn’t designed just for travelers on a budget. Its creators are marketing it both as a social experiment and a chance for guests to get to know their fellow travelers on a more intimate level.

null stern hotel



Karostas Cietums

If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night in a former Soviet prison then this is the place for you. Based in Latvia, your hotel room is literally nothing more than a prison cell. If you’re willing to pay a little extra you can even get the full prison experience; the hotel’s “guards” will treat you like an actual prisoner so you can see what life was like for its former inmates. Tours are also offered, and there’s a museum as well.

karostas cietums


In case you are looking for a great hotel, you should visit Puerto Vallarta hotels and have a luxuriously tropical experience south of the border.


Library Hotel

Do you like books? Do you really, really like books? Then the library hotel is where you’ll want to stay if you visit New York City. Every floor and room is dedicated to a different category in the Dewy Decimal system. Each room is full of books from its category and is decorated specifically to match the theme. With sixty rooms in all there’s something for every guest, from philosophy to mathematics to erotic literature. There’s also a restaurant and lounge, and enough services are provided to make this a pretty luxurious place to stay.

library hotel